Pumice 1-7mm

1-7mm: 5L
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Pumice is an all nature soil aerator that enhances drainage in raised beds and pots.

Consisting of microscopic pores on the outer surface, pumice releases water at a steady rate whilst retaining nutrients and releasing them back slowly to the soil. Pumice can also be soaked in nutrient solutions for 24hrs prior to mixing with soil.

Ideal for bonsai, cactus, succulent and no till gardening enthusiasts for its amazing drainage abilities.

Customer Reviews

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James O'Shaughnessy
Great to use with my Orchids

The Pumice1-7mm,is great to use with all my orchids.


Pumice arrived quicker than expected along with some amendments. First time trying pumice, it certainly makes my soil look, smell and feel more like a dank forest. I already prefer it to perlite.

Maryanne Judd

A great product..fantastic addition to succulent mixes..delivery was very quick considering the times we are going thru.. I will certainly be buying more products in the future from dr greenthumbs !! Great service thankyou!

Sholto Spradbury
Looks good so far...

Trying to find an environmentally responsible substitute for perlite in my soil mixes and hoping this will do the job. I was surprised how heavy it was in the bag, but this was because it was shipped wet - perhaps to avoid dust? Anyway seems to up to the usual excellent quality standard I have come to expect from Dr G products and service. Thanks yet again!

Hey Sholto! Occasionally our NZ Pumice comes in with some moisture via our distributor. Rest assured, when we receive the bulk goods they are stored in our enclosed warehouse & not in the elements :)

Harley Williams
The best quality, service, price and speed.

Look the title says it all, no complaints what so ever!

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