The Organic Revolution in Indoor Gardening

As organic growing mediums and fertilisers surge in popularity, it's clear that the indoor gardening community is undergoing a transformative shift. At the heart of this movement? Growers are seeking high production outputs and cleaner crops to meet market demands. For those looking to level up their gardening game, Dr Greenthumbs is leading the way with tried-and-true solutions.


Why Dr Greenthumbs Stands Out

Since our groundbreaking work between 2014-2017, where we birthed TurboDirt, we've not rested on our laurels. Our commitment to maintaining ingredient quality while ensuring blend consistency has set us a class apart – something even our competitors find challenging. With each passing year, our promise to innovation shines through. Not only have we introduced cutting-edge products like the Ocean Grown & Dry Amendments range, but our core offering, TurboDirt, has remained at the pinnacle of organic cultivation.

Don't just take our word for it; the proof is in the results. With hundreds of independent 5-star reviews available for perusal online, TurboDirt's reputation is unassailable. Our unique partnership with Hemp growers in NSW and the unwavering support to the burgeoning cottage hemp industry further cements our position in the market.

Consistency is King

With Dr Greenthumbs, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in consistent quality. Our guarantee? Every time you purchase TurboDirt, you'll get the same soil blend and nutrient recipe. Because why change something that's perfectly balanced? Dive deeper into our unique processes and ingredients on our YouTube channel, where we break down the magic behind TurboDirt.

Seedling Stage: TurboDirt's Advantage

Addressing the Myth

You might've heard concerns about Water Only Soils potentially "burning" younger plants. With TurboDirt, that's a non-issue. Our meticulously crafted soil blend ensures a nurturing start for your seeds, guiding them through to a successful harvest in an 8-12 week cycle.

Why TurboDirt is Different

It's not just about packing in nutrients; it's about precision. Our collaboration with top soil-testing facilities and legal field growers has birthed a soil blend that strikes the perfect balance. Instead of focusing on the number of amendments, TurboDirt's success lies in the superior quality of its humus material and how the nutrients synergize. The feedback has been unanimous: we've hit the mark!

Starting Your Seedlings

Whether you're using Jiffy pellets, rockwool cubes, or Eazy Plugs, these are all great for kickstarting seeds or cuttings. Once the tap root emerges from the pellet, it's time to introduce it to TurboDirt. A crucial note: ensure the tap root remains intact, as it's essential for the plant's early growth. For most seedlings, pots sized 80-100mm are ideal. They maintain soil aeration while minimizing over-watering risks.

Pro Tip: When soaking your Jiffy pellets, mix in a ¼ teaspoon of Root Roids per liter of water. Root Roids, a premium blend of Mycorrhizae & Nutrient Solubilizing Bacteria, fosters a vibrant community of Living Soil microorganisms in the root zone while creating a symbiotic relationship.

TurboDirt's Seedling Benefits

Starting seedlings in TurboDirt presents unique advantages:

  • Burn Risk: Thanks to TurboDirt's fully matured blend, there's minimal risk of burning young plants.
  • Growth Boost: Introducing seedlings to their final soil mix early on can spur faster growth.
  • Genetic Variation: Some plants might find TurboDirt's nutrient levels intense initially. If you suspect nutrient burn, dilute TurboDirt with some coco coir or regular soil to delay the nutrient exposure until the plants are mature enough to handle them.

Caring for Your Seedlings

While smaller pots help avoid over-watering, they can dry out quicker. It's a balance growers need to strike. Over-watering a seedling can impede its growth significantly. Always aim to keep the soil moist, not wet, and avoid watering to the point of runoff.

Vegetative Growth: Thriving with TurboDirt


The Start of a New Phase

About 2-3 weeks post the seedling stage, your plants burst into the vegetative growth phase. TurboDirt stands as their robust ally during this period, packed with plant-ready amino acids, growth promoters, and stabilized organic matter ensuring they grow fast, robust, and resilient to diseases.

Transitioning from Seedling Stage

Once your plant stands tall at 6-8 inches, it's time to bid farewell to its seedling container. We recommend a progression: move from a 100mm container to a 140mm one. This approach hands both the grower and the plants the reins, ensuring precise control over watering and root development. Such methodical up-sizing usually shields plants from transplant shocks and over-watering issues typical with bigger containers.

If you're eager to shift from the 100mm seedling pots directly to the final growing container, ensure your stock plants are healthy and well-watered. Here's a tip: Don't drench your final container. Instead, water it gradually over 2-5 days until you hit the moisture sweet spot. Remember, it's always safer to slightly under-water a thriving plant until you find its ideal hydration level.

Maximizing TurboDirt's Potential

While TurboDirt is engineered to support a 3-4 week vegetative period, some plants might crave an extended phase or exhibit varying nutritional needs. For such scenarios, turn to our Go & Grow dry amendment kit. These organic nutrients not only offers balanced vegetative nutrition but also lays a solid foundation for the forthcoming flowering cycle.

Pre-Bloom Preparation: Setting the Stage for Success


The Crucial Pre-Bloom Phase

The fortnight leading up to your plant's flowering cycle is pivotal. Mistakes, like inconsistent watering or letting plants become root-bound before the final re-potting, can dramatically influence their performance. Roughly 8-10 days after settling into their 140mm pots, plants are typically ready for their ultimate flowering container. The choice of this container should align with your plans for further vegetative growth and the envisioned plant size.

Choosing the Right Container:

  • For Moderate Plants: If you're aiming for a final plant height of 1.5-3ft, 20-30L containers are apt. Once re-potted, let them vegetatively grow for an additional week to let the roots establish.
  • For Taller Plants: Gardeners looking to cultivate plants towering above 1-1.5m should opt for 30-50L of soil. Post re-potting, such plants would benefit from 2 more weeks of vegetative growth.

Boosting Natural Growth Hormones

As the flowering period approaches, priming your plants is essential. We recommend Fruit Roids, a potent blend that bolsters your plants' natural hormone production and foundational elements. Administered seven days before flowering initiation, Fruit Roids amplifies their ability to naturally synthesize desired traits like terpenes or plant resins early in development. The result? A swifter transition to fruit set and enhanced overall growth.

Pro Tip: Pre-flowering is an ideal window to ensure your plants are devoid of pests and pathogens. While TurboDirt reaches you pest-free, external factors can introduce unwanted guests. A simple precautionary step is to clear any weeds or pests from neighbouring outdoor areas. Reinforce your plants' defence with two applications of Dr Greenthumbs Reset Leaf Conditioner, a proven guardian against pests. Alternatively use your product of choice, adhering to it’s instructions.

Flowering: Setting the Stage for Blossoming Success


Rapid Growth Phase

The initial 2-3 weeks of the flowering cycle are marked by an astonishing growth spurt in your plants. To let them channel their energy into flower production, it's crucial to equip your garden with support structures, freeing the plants from the burden of self-support.

Managing Excessive Stretch and Root-Bound Plants

For plants showing signs of excessive stretch or those that have become root-bound, there's a tailored solution. We recommend incorporating Ocean Grown Fish Hydrolysate into their regimen for the initial four weeks. This product infuses your plants with beneficial amino acids, which they efficiently utilize during both the stretch and budding growth phases.

Watering Guidelines

As flowering progresses, your plants' hydration needs will rise noticeably. Here's a ballpark watering guide:

  • 15L-25L pot: 500ml-1500ml every 24 hours.
  • 25L-40L pot: 1500ml-2500ml every 24 hours.

Remember, these figures can vary based on local environmental factors like airflow and temperature. The higher ranges indicate the potential hydration needs of plants in optimal conditions.

Leveraging Fruit Roids

Fruit Roids isn't just another supplement; it's a game-changer. Continuing its use as directed until a week before harvest does wonders:

  • Defence Activation: With balanced salicylic acid, chitosan, and phytohormones, it empowers plants' natural defense mechanisms.
  • Enhanced Yields: Experience significant boosts in oil production and yields.
  • Root and Branching: Stimulate root growth and secondary branching, paving the way for more bud sites.
  • Nutrient Transportation: Its rich carbohydrate content ensures timely nutrient delivery to where plants need it most.

Pro Tip: For growers seeking that extra edge in weight, our Bud & Bloom dry amendment kit is your answer. Crafted with organic enzymes, phosphorus, and potassium, it promises maximum fruit weight. Plus, its calcium content ensures robust stems and seamless nutrient mobility. And the Triacontanol provided by the Alfalfa Meal, it bestows a super sticky layer, maximizing surface area. Use this wonder blend for an extra boost between weeks 4-6 if desired. If combined with Fruit Roids, growers are advised to cut both dosages in half.

Reusing Your Soil: The Sustainable Choice

Congratulations! Completing your first growth cycle is a significant milestone. Now, as you venture into reusing your soil, you have two primary methods to choose from:

The No-Till Approach: For those leaning towards a No-Till method:

  • Dry Amendment Kits: DR GT offers specially formulated dry amendment nutrient kits like Go&Grow + Bud&Bloom. By top-dressing these onto your existing soil, you can rejuvenate it without the hassle of mixing.
  • Wait Time: After application, give it a 2-4 week pause. This interval ensures nutrients become plant-available and are processed by soil microbes.
  • Compost Layering: Enhance soil vitality by adding a 1-2 inch compost layer.
  • Moisture Maintenance: Ensure the pots remain moist throughout. Dry soil won't facilitate nutrient breakdown.

The Quick Mix Method: For a swift reset, TurboCharge Compost is your go-to:

  • Components: Mix together 8-10L of TurboCharge Compost, 5L of perlite, and 5L of coco coir.
  • Integration: Blend this mix with 30L of old TurboDirt. The resulting soil volume will be around 40-45L, packed with essential nutrients.
  • Immediate Use: This rejuvenated soil is ready for planting immediately. Old roots? No problem. Simply crumble them as you mix. However, monitor the nutrients; occasional dry amendment applications might be necessary.

Pro Tip: If your plants seem undernourished post soil-reuse, don't fret. Our Go & Grow + Bud & Bloom dry amendment kits can fill any nutritional gaps, ensuring your plants always get what they need.