Dr Greenthumbs Root Roids Boost (Bacillus Inoculant)

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Root Roids Boost is Australia's favorite Bacillus Inoculant created with 100% Organic & Living ingredients!

  • Root Roids Boost is a naturally derived blend of rhizobacteria (Bacillus sp.) that flourish in plant root zones, enhancing growth by optimizing the uptake of both macro and micronutrients.
  • The abundant microbial populations in Boost are fully compatible with our other microbial products. Boost will further amplify your plants' productivity and offer additional benefits, including suppressing common pests and diseases in the rhizosphere.
  • This product contains significant levels of amino acids and calcium, essential throughout all plant growth stages. In the early stages, they're crucial for seed germination and root development, but in lesser amounts than required by mature plants. During the flowering phase, they're instrumental in forming flowers, fruits, and essential oils. Maintaining a balanced level of amino acids and calcium throughout your growing cycle is vital.
  • Boost will enhance chlorophyll production, allowing plants to photosynthesize more efficiently. This increase in chlorophyll offers advantages like better resistance to pests and diseases and a more robust cell structure, paving the way for dynamic plant growth.
  • It complements all nutrient regimes seamlessly. Experience notable improvements in yield, taste, and vitality across all cultivation methods, including Soil or Coco Coir growing.

    How To Use

    Coco Coir / Soil Less Media
    Use 1-2 scoops per plant at the time of transplant.
    Best used at the beginning of the Vegetative cycle, and again 1 week before flower initiation.

    Organic Soil
    Use 1-2 scoops per plant at the time of transplant.
    Best used at the beginning of the Vegetative cycle, and again 1 week before flower initiation.

    Use 1/2 scoop per 5L of potting soil for younger cuttings or seedlings.

      Reapply every month in the active growing season, and bimonthly during periods of inactive growth for maximum results.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Grant Smith
      Excellent service

      Excellent service as always! & super fast delivery as always!
      Thank you guy's 👌


      Cutting edge products
      Awesome website
      All put together by a great bloke Scott.

      Luke Plummer
      No brainer

      Nothing but love love love from me!
      TurboDirt is a fairdinkum game changer.
      It’s a fantastic product. Any question I had was answered clearly and quickly, the customer service is second to none.
      It’s a no brainer…
      Until my next order,
      Thank you DRGT team.

      Matthew White

      No complaints...everything is working as it should and I have an extremely green group of plants :)


      We used this when transplanting our veggies seedlings and they established so quickly. No fatalities, and lots of new growth (above and below the soil). Repurchased another packet already.

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