Exclusive Offers: Free Gifts When You Spend Over $75!

We're excited to announce our special promotional offers, designed to add more value to your shopping experience. When you indulge in our premium products, we want to give back to you with some delightful extras. These deals are automatically added to your cart!

Here's what you can look forward to:

🌊 Offer 1: Dive into the Ocean's Bounty

  • Spend $75 - $149
  • Receive a Complimentary Ocean Grown Sample Immerse your plants in the richness of the ocean with a free Ocean Grown Sample. Perfect for those looking to explore the depths of quality we offer.

💥 Offer 2: Double the Delight

  • Spend $150+
  • Receive Ocean Grown + Root Roids Samples Spoil your garden with not just one, but two exceptional samples: Ocean Grown and Root Roids. A perfect pair to enhance your journey with us.

Please note, that only one sample option will be sent per order!