Bud & Bloom 1.5kg (Flowering / Fruiting Craft Blend)

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Bud & Bloom has been specifically formulated to deliver explosive floral displays with nutrient-dense fruit and flowers. 

Get ready to be the talk of the town with your stunning floral displays and bountiful harvests! Bud & Bloom is your secret weapon, meticulously crafted to encourage vibrant flowers and nutrient-rich fruits.

Our blend is not your average organic fertilizer. With Bud & Bloom, you're investing in a 100% organic formula that feeds your plants and enriches your soil with essential minerals, nutrients, and natural growth enhancers.

Whether you're nurturing veggies and fruit trees, caring for your cacti, or tending to your indoor oasis, Bud & Bloom is the perfect match for a range of green mates – from your backyard lawn to your favourite potted plants.

Simple Steps for Spectacular Blooms

Enriching New Potting Soils:

Mix ¼ to ½ a cup of Bud & Bloom into every 30L of potting soil for a lasting nutritional foundation.

Boosting Existing Soils:

Refresh your soil by evenly spreading ¼ to ½ cup of Bud & Bloom per 30L, or apply 1 to 2 cups per square metre of garden bed. Scratch it in and water it down to see the magic happen.

For New Plantings & Fruiting Beauties:

Give your new plants a great start with ½ cup of Bud & Bloom mixed into the planting hole.

Brew a Botanical Elixir for Your Garden

Creating a Plant Power Tea: Whisk a heaped tablespoon of Bud & Bloom in 5L of water, keep it moving or add oxygen for 24 hours, and apply immediately for a garden that glows with health.

Mix Up Your Fertilizer Game

Create an all-purpose fertilizer by combining Bud & Bloom with Go & Grow. You'll get a perfectly balanced NPK ratio of 2.5 – 2.5 – 3, ideal for every stage of your plant's lifecycle.

We've packed Bud & Bloom with the finest bloom enhancing ingredients like Alfalfa, Neem, Coconut, Kelp meal, Seabird Guano, Gypsum, Calcium-rich Rock Dust, Malted Barley, Potash! It's a full-meal deal for your plants.

Us Aussies are proud of our plots, and Bud & Bloom is made to keep that pride blooming. It's straightforward, effective, and organic to the core. Just a scoop away from transforming your garden into a neighborhood gem.

Snag a bag of Bud & Bloom and make every season more spectacular than the last!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

I have been looking for quality organic amendments for sometime and I have finally found it. These products are amazing!


In order to put on weight and be healthy, you need good food. That's whats going on here!

Bud & Bloom

Used to make bubbly tea & top dressing. Very evident results

Stuart Edwards
Best dried amendments in Australia

These fertilisers work extraordinary!

Les Phillis

Parcel arrived with the products
Have only applied bud and bloom waiting 3 weeks till I apply again and should know by then how the product is going
Cheers to everyone wishing you a merry Christmas and hopefully for the economy to get back on track

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