Create Your Own Organic Fertilizer Blends!
Here is a collection of some of the worlds most famous Super Soil & Living Soil nutrient recipes for you to make at home yourself! I have tried to scale them down for home gardeners, and have converted the information to the easiest measurements for us Aussies!

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Super Soil Recipe
This soil recipe is typically used in the bottom 1/3 of the pot, with a base potting soil placed above it in the same growing container. As the plant grow’s, its roots will grow into this nutrient dense layer, getting nutrition as its required.

Per 30L of soil
300g Blood & Bone
300g Bat Guano
¼ cup Oyster Shell
¼ cup Kelp Meal
¼ cup Alfalfa meal
2 tablespoon Epsom Salts
50g Ag Lime
¼ cup Azomite

Coots Mix Recipe
This recipe can be planted into the same day that you mix your soil. To create a base soil for this recipe, simply use our Living Soil recipe guide.

Per 30L of soil
½ cup Neem Meal
½ cup Crustacean Meal
1 cup Palagonite Rock Dust
1 cup Glacial Rock Dust
1 cup Gypsum
1 cup Oyster Shell Powder

Steve Solomon’s Complete Organic Fertilizer (COF)
This recipe is designed by Steve Solomon & is perfect for re mineralizing new potting soils, and existing garden beds.

To make 1kg
125g Neem Meal
125g Soy Meal
125g Kelp Meal
125g Alfalfa Meal
65g Ag Lime
65g Gypsum
120g Dolomite Lime
125g Soft Rock Phosphate or Bat Guano
125g Basalt Rock Dust / Volcanic Rock Dust