Grodan Rockwool Cubes 40mm (MM40/40)

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Uniformity in Growth

Each 40mm x 40mm x 40mm Rockwool cube guarantees an even distribution of water and air, ensuring your plants receive consistent nourishment for steady development.

Dual-Sided Efficiency

Tailored to your needs, the cubes offer a small indent on one side for large seeds and cuttings, and a flat surface on the other for smaller seeds. Adaptability is at your fingertips.

Superior Moisture Retention

Enjoy optimal hydration control as Rockwool cubes effectively absorb water and maintain balanced moisture levels. Say goodbye to the perils of over-watering and dehydration.

Root Growth Mastery

The porous nature of Rockwool stimulates robust root growth, significantly lowering the risk of root rot or mold development.

Sustainability and Reusability

Embrace sustainability with Rockwool's reusable and eco-friendly qualities. Properly sanitized, these cubes can be recycled, aligning with environmentally conscious gardening.

Usage Guide

  1. Soak the Grodan Rockwool Propagation Cubes in water, ensuring they're thoroughly saturated.
  2. Allow excess water to drain by placing the cubes on a clean surface or tray.
  3. Select the suitable side of the cube for your seeds or cuttings: small indent for large seeds and cuttings, flat side for small seeds.
  4. Gently insert the seed or cutting, ensuring proper contact with the Rockwool material.
  5. Position the prepared Rockwool cubes in a humidity dome, propagator, or suitable growing environment with adequate moisture and temperature control.
  6. Regularly monitor moisture levels in the Rockwool cubes and water as needed to maintain optimal conditions.

Recommended Applications

Grodan Rockwool Propagation Cubes cater to various gardeners, including those with space constraints, hydroponic enthusiasts, and individuals seeking an eco-conscious alternative to traditional soil. Perfect for cultivating an array of plants, from veggies and herbs to ornamental blooms and shrubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Opt for Grodan Rockwool Propagation Cubes? These cubes are renowned for their exceptional water retention, air circulation, and sterility, creating an ideal environment for robust root development and successful plant establishment.

How to Prepare Rockwool Cubes for Use? Soak the cubes in water for about 30 minutes to saturate them fully. Adjust the water's pH level to 5.5 to 6.5 for optimal results.

Specific Insertion Sides? Indeed, use the appropriate side of the cube for specific seeds or cuttings. The small indent accommodates larger seeds and cuttings, while the flat side suits smaller seeds.

Maintaining Moisture Levels? Maintain slightly damp cubes by regular monitoring and watering as needed. Avoid overwatering to prevent rot and hindered root growth.

Direct Transplantation After Establishment? Absolutely, you can transplant the Rockwool Cube directly into soil or a hydroponic system, ensuring a seamless transition for your plant's growth.

Grodan Rockwool Propagation Cubes are your gateway to successful gardening. Experience nature's resilience and efficiency in your garden journey. Embrace excellence with every seed and cutting, and embrace the promise of thriving growth. Your green oasis awaits transformation with Grodan Rockwool Propagation Cubes.

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Stuart Berry
Highly Recommend

A professionally service all round!!! fair prices, fast delivery, Quality products and excellent customer service.

High quality service on time delivery I recommend

They were a little smaller than I thought they would be Apart from that no complaints they seem to working just fine on time with delivery overall happy with my expectations thank you
Q. Do you guys sell the bigger ones?
Anyway thank you ill be back

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