Indoor Soil Company is Australia's premier home for nutrient rich organic soil, catering to the toughest critics within the ever expanding organics industry. We provide our customers with a number of options to get you growing straight away!


Below is a guide for how to use our Indoor Soil Company range. 


Water Only Soil 27L

As the name suggest, our water only soil contains all the nutrients required to grow and finish your plants within a 9-10 week cycle. This eliminates the need for expensive nutrient regimes that are designed purely to sell more products. As all the nutrition your plants will require is already built into the soil, all you need to focus on is maintaining a strong population of beneficial bacteria.

To successfully replenish and nurture these bacteria simply inoculate your soil on alternating weeks with our Mycorrhizal inoculant and High Tea. By doing so you deliver millions of beneficial bacteria & fungi to your soil. This will help your plants withstand adverse conditions & stress from drought, and also suppress any pathogens that might be introduced to your growing area.

We suggest maintaining an even moisture within your growing containers for best results (moist, not wet). Constant wet and dry fluctuations can have adverse affects on your roots ability to uptake nutrients as it requires. The easiest approach for gardeners is to water your soil with a low pressure stream provided by a "pump sprayer pack". These units are inexpensive and easy to clean. Most importantly they deliver your water evenly across the soils surface as you move the jet back and forth.

Alternatively for larger gardens, automatic gravity fed systems such as the well known Blumats, work extremely well. Other styles of growing such as Self Irrigated Planters and Earth Boxes, also have tremendous results with our Water Only Soil.