Here is a quick & easy guide to learn exactly which product you need & when! 

Complete Fertilisers For Your Main Source Of Nutrition

We have a range of full spectrum, complete fertilisers made to supply your favorite plant with its main source of nutrition. Whether you have indoor Tropical plants, a veggie garden for your family or just love your lawn, all our options are Organic and Environmentally Friendly.

GreenSpace Liquid Fertiliser - Recommended for indoor plants and courtyards where simplicity and low odor is key! Derived from completely natural ingredients for your environments safety!

GreenSpace Slow Release - Perfect for adding when repotting plants, or top dressing existing pots. Supplies your plants with perfectly balanced nutrition for up to 3 months!

Ocean Grown Fish Hydrolysate - A super LOW SMELL fish fertiliser that will absolutely astound your plants! Perfect for indoor use, seriously! Maximize leaf health and perfect for rejuvenating worn out soil. 

Tonic Liquid Fertiliser - A completely VEGAN liquid fertiliser derived from 100% plant based sources. Contains added Humic acid for nutrient availability, and Seaweed extract for healthy root systems.

Super Soil Nutrient Kit - A completely full spectrum dry amendment kit designed to be pre-composted into your soil before use. Perfect for growing BIG PLANTS and for production gardeners.

Go&Grow + Bud&Bloom -  Very similar to the Super Soil nutrient kit, however comes in two seperate packages dedicated to Vegetative & Flowering growth. Ideal for top dressing larger plants and doesn't require to be pre-composted when building soils if used correctly.

Organic Presciptions for Sick & Lacking Plants

Often if we've already fertilised our plants but they still aren't improving, doing so even more just compounds the issue. Below is a range of Microbial innovations designed by Dr Greenthumbs to treat a wide range of plant & soil ailments, effectively & organically.

Root Roids - Unlocks nutrients, fights off detrimental soil pathogens & supplies your soil with millions of beneficial fungi and bacteria that live symbiotically on your plant roots! Watch plants bounce back from a range of problems associated with poor plant care. Protects the root zone against extended periods of drought & fights off problem bacteria such as root rot via "competitive exclusion" by introducing millions of beneficial soil bacteria.

Fruit Roids - Supplies flowering plants with a full spectrum of enzymes and growth hormones to help complete their biosynthesis pathway and produce the best blooms they can. Often because of nutrient & mineral deficient soils, flowering plants struggle and considerably weaken due to the added pressures on its inner nutrient "highways". When given the recommended dose of Fruit Roids, these highways remain open and ready to transport plant available nutrition, where and when the plants need them. Fruit Roids will activate several autoimmune responses within the plant, including Systemic Acquired Resistance in which the plant produces its own hormones to help fight of pest and fungi attacks.

High Tea - A nutrient dense, microbially rich Compost Tea with repetitive results every time. No need to source quality compost or additives as it is now supplied as an all in one kit, with highly specific microbes to help aid nutrient cycling in your soil and fight off pest and disease via introducing millions of beneficial bacteria. Contains different microbes than Root Roids and Mycorrhizal inoculant, and they work perfectly well as a combination in tough environments.

Mycorrhizal Inoculant - A set of highly specific Endo & Ecto mycorrhizae specifically designed to be compatible with 99% of horticultural crops in Australia. For most plants and applications we recommend customers use Root Roids, however for some applications requiring irrigation delivery, this product will lead to far less biofilm buildup.

Cactus, Succulent & Bonsai Supplies

For Individual aeration options please click here for our full list!

GritMix Seed Raising - Perfect for seed raising our spikey friends! Can be used as is, or mixed with your choice of organic soil or compost.

GritMix All Purpose - Perfect for larger taproot Cactus or Bonsai that require chunky mineral aeration. Can be mixed with your choice of organic soil or compost. Also suitable for use with Tropical plants where shallow well anchored root zones are required.

Cactus & Succulent Soil Builder - Simply mix with 20-25L of potting soil for the perfect level of aeration and drainage! Perfect for Bonsai that require a soil with a higher organic portion.

Hydroponics & Indoor Production Horticulture

For explosive growth, & nutrient dense flowers we have you covered! Simply plug & play, with return driven results! Growers Australia wide aren't turning back from the Organic revolution!

TurboDirt Water Only Super Soil - The perfectly built Water Only Super Soil, which rewards customers with the growth rates comparable to hydroponically grown plants, and the rewards of organically grown produce. Whether your confined to a small balcony, closet or grow tent, TurboDirt will be the easiest step you'll ever make into organic production horticulture! Used Australia wide by professional Hemp & Chilli farmers who demand that only the finest organic produce makes it to their discerning customer base.