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Chlorine & Sediment remover

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  • Easily attaches to your garden hose!
  • A must have for organic living soil growers
  • Instantly removes chlorine and sediment
  • Ideal for compost tea brewing
  • Makes water safe for mycorrhizae & beneficial bacteria 
  • Treats 5000L of water

  • For maximum filtering efficiency, use a flow rate of 2L per minute.
  • Make sure to connect the inlet to the correct end as marked.
  • On first use, run the unit for 2 minutes to settle the filter contents.
  • Store the filter in an upright position to allow the unit to drain in between uses.
  • Replace your Dr Greenthumbs water filter after 5000L or 12 months of use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Robert B
Chlorine and Sediment remover

Quick delivery and works as easily as expected.

Venessa R.
Great product

I’m very happy with it, it’s really convenient to just have set up on the garden tap on a short hose connection ready to use.

A must have for organic growing

Great little product! Very easy to use and
no longer need to leave bubbling buckets of water out all the time!
Thank you DR very happy with my purchase.

Liked it for about 6 months

Would rate it higher if the ends weren't prone to snapping off. Still waiting for my replacement ones. It sits in my draw now with no end hose connectors

Alice Johnstone
Couldn’t go without!!

Tried one over a year ago, now every hose in the garden has to have one! Also ideal for water changes on Aquariums for that extra peace of mind. ☺️