Dr Greenthumbs Fruit Roids (Organic Flowering Enhancer)

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Fruit Roids is Australia's favourite Flower growth enhancer created with 100% organic & soil friendly ingredients!
Watch our video below & check our our 5 star reviews!

  • Provide your plants with a full spectrum of organic minerals, amino acids, growth hormones & enzymes, highly targeted towards flowering plants and unlocking their true growth potential. Perfect for Coco & Soil!
  • Activate your plants natural built-in defence mechanisms with our balanced levels of salicylic acid, chitosan & phytohormones. Flowering plants will naturally be more resistant to mold and pest attacks due to increased hormone signalling and thickening of the plants cell walls (also resulting in thicker stems & bigger leaves).
  •  Increase yield's and oil production substantially whilst stimulating root growth and secondary branching (more bud sites) with the help of 100% organic and plant based growth hormones including Cytokinin & Gibberellin.
  • Packed full of complex carbohydrates that allow your plants to "refuel" and transport nutrients to where it needs them, exactly when it needs them. Also highly beneficial to root zone microbial life and keeping established mycorrhizal populations thriving.
  • An extremely easy to use, all in one product that eliminates any guess work and replaces the need for multiple individual products including silica, seaweed, enzymes & natural plant growth regulators. Ultimately, saving growers money!

How To Use

Mix vigorously before applying and keep agitated during application. Can also be used as an effective compost tea additive and foliar solution. For best results use 3 or 4 days apart from your weekly Root Roids dose!

  • Sick & Unhealthy Plants - 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per litre of water. Apply 2 applications, 7 days apart. For best results use in combination with Root Roids.
  • Vegetative Growth - 1/2 teaspoon per litre of water. Use 7 days before the end of vegetative growth.
  • Flowering Growth - 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per litre of water. Use weekly.

If growing in Coco, use Fruit Roids up until your flush period. Add Fruit Roids to your tank before pH adjusting your water. 

If growing in soil, use Fruit Roids up until your last week of flower.

It is suggested to hand water this product even in hydroponic situations. Delivery of Fruit Roids in such a way ensures maximum efficiency of the product, and maximum uptake by the plants.

If delivery via irrigation is necessary, it is suggested to empty your tank down to the minimum water required, add Fruit Roids and water your plants until the point of 5-10% runoff. Do not store this product in your water reservoir/tank, mix fresh and discard your runoff/tank contents after 24hrs.

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of 100% natural enzymes, plant based growth hormones, minerals, amino acids & complex carbohydrates.

Pack size 100g, makes up to 50L

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Dr greenthumbsUP!

All of their products are top tier and my plants benefit almost immediately. Buy it all👌

Root roids

Arrived in good time and from first use looks to be adding real value to the cucumber, capsicum and chilli’s
Nice work…I’ll be ordering more

Hank Boss

Efficiency personified

Fruit roids

Great stuff plants thrive

Leah Mathews
Just what my plants needed

Like all their amazing products, this also performed perfectly. My soil is extremely happy and in turn so are my plants.
Thanks Scott and the team.
Merry Christmas!

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