Gypsum soil conditioner (Clay Breaker)

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Please Note - This is a natural mined product and is not the "chemical" gypsum that you find in larger chain stores.

The mineral gypsum is the source of the natural fertilizer known as Clay Breaker (calcium sulphate). It can be used to enhance soil structure, increase water retention, and add aeration to the soil. It is  naturally high in calcium and sulphur and it can be used to make up for calcium and Sulphur shortages in soil.

Use at 1-2 cups per square meter, or 1/4-1/2 cup per 30 liters of potting soil. Mix into the soil or water in immediately.

Other advantages:

  • Gypsum is rich in calcium and sulphur, two nutrients crucial for the health and growth of plants.
  • It can be applied to enhance soil aeration, water retention, and structure. Works wonders for breaking up heavy clay soils.
  • Can be used to remedy calcium and sulphur deficiencies in soil.
  • Gypsum will aid in increasing water infiltration and reducing soil compaction.
  • Has also been shown to be effective when be used to lower the salt content in saline soils.

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Customer Reviews

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Martin Peters

Gypsum soil conditioner (Clay Breaker)

Timothy Evans
DGT's Gypsum. Best quality.

Visibly full of minerals.
Greatly improves water penetration effectiveness when in soil after the first soaking.

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