Gypsum soil conditioner

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This is an all natural Gypsum sourced from a QLD quarry. The best quality we've found Australia wide.

Chemical gypsum, derived from the manufacture of phosphate fertilizers, is no longer recommended for many crops, as it has finally been acknowledged that the cadmium content of this product is a problem. Natural Gypsum is the solution. The natural form of this clay-buster is infinitely more soil-friendly than chemical gypsum.  Natural Gypsum (calcium sulfate) is an invaluable, irreplaceable product in high-magnesium, high-sodium soils – the prevailing soil type in many agricultural areas today. The calcium content helps open the soil, while the sulfate component helps remove excesses of sodium and magnesium.

Use as your soil recipe calls for, or use 2 cups per square meter for new garden beds.

Customer Reviews

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Timothy Evans
DGT's Gypsum. Best quality.

Visibly full of minerals.
Greatly improves water penetration effectiveness when in soil after the first soaking.

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