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Clay balls / LECA for hydroponics. Our Clay balls come dust-free and are the highest quality for your garden!

Clay balls, also known as LECA, are the ideal solution for adding lightweight aeration to any growing medium or for use alone in hydroponic systems. Other names for Clay balls include Hydroton, lecaballs, clay pebbles & expanded clay.

LECA / Clay Balls are the perfect media to fill Deep Water Culture net pots such as the used with the HydroBucket, or for Drip irrigation systems such as the Wilma XL.

Houseplants are a great addition to any home, and hydroponics is a great way to do this quickly! In hydroponic systems, using clay balls is essential and has various benefits. Clay balls support the root systems, manage pH levels, keep water in them, absorb and release nutrients, and provide aerobic conditions for ideal root growth.

They can also reduce the frequency of water changes, are portable and easy to use, and provide the ideal conditions for beneficial bacteria.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Joseph Aler

Really quick delivery and everything is packaged so well!! Thanks for the supplies

Erin H
Woaaahhhh dem roots!

I wanna post a pic! Got a new pro pack bag of Root Roids and my hydro ‘cheese’ plant is going wild after a few days! Yewwwwww!

really clean

These always arrive fairly clean with half as much dust as elsewhere! They seem really good quality!

great product

I use the Leca balls for my orchids and have found them to work a treat!! I love the fact that they are re-usable once they are cleaned. 5 stars!

Wendy Jennings

Convenient size

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