Alfalfa Meal

Alfalfa meal: 500g
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Alfalfa meal is an all-natural fertilizer that rejuvenates soil microbes and biological life! Containing 3% nitrogen & with a perfect carbon : nitrogen ratio, Alfalfa meal will break down slowly in the soil, gradually remineralizing.

When used on Roses, this product will rapidly increase the number of basal breaks leading to larger, more impressive plants.

Alfalfa meal contains the growth stimulant triacontanol, which increases plant cell division aiding in bigger root growth and more shoot mass. Alfalfa meal in your soil will feed worms, your soil life and in turn your plants.

Use at 1/2 cup per plant or 1 cup per square meter.

Please note this is a fine grade alfalfa



Customer Reviews

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Nole Tsalis
Great service and products

Great amendment for supersoil mix, As usual, fast delivery and great service

Maddogs unite
Good quality

One cup in a 20 litre bucket is about 400-500 ppm. Plants love it. Can be used diluted on seedlings with great results.

soodamani Rengarajan
Alfalfa meal

Second time I m buying this as I mostly feed my plants non animal organic stuff…this gave awesome bloom with my rosesso I reordered alfalfa and kelp .


really great high quality product i use it for adding nutrition to my base soil mixtures for transplants, microgreens and for feeding my chickens and worms. great product 10/10

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