Whats in Super Soil?

We only use the highest quality, Australian sourced ingredients, and we are proud if this. 

Why 300g to 500g of Super Soil?

We recommend you start new Super Soil at a rate of 500g of our nutrient kit per 30L of soil. If you are creating your Super Soil for less nutrient dense crops like herbs and leafy greens, you can use the reduced amount of 300g.

Where do I leave my soil to "cook"?

After initially mixing your Super Soil you will need to let it rest for 1-3 months. This is to help facilitate the breakdown of nutrients in your soil and unlock them for your plants. 

You can either simply leave your soil under a tarp out of the rain, or use a plastic tub/bin. You don't want your soil drying out during this time, but you don't want it wet either. Evenly moist is perfect. Turn your soil once every week regardless of the method you use to cook your soil.

Many customers simply leave there Super Soil to cook in their final planting containers. 

How do I re-amend my Super Soil after growing in it?

Once you've completed the first cycle in your Super Soil we recommend customers reapply our nutrient kit by top dressing your soil and watering in lightly. How much you reapply will depend how nutrient hungry your previous plant was.

A general guide would be 200-300g after each grow cycle. 

It is again recommended to let the nutrients break down over 1-3 months, but this can generally be done in 2-4 weeks when reapplying into an existing Super Soil

Should I fertilise or feed my Super Soil?

We recommend the only additional food sources you use in your Super Soil is aerated compost tea, liquid kelp or microbial products such as our Mycorrhizal Powder.

What size plants should I grow in this mix?

It is recommended to use plants well out of the juvenile​ growth stage. This mix is not suitable for cuttings or seed starting. You can "water down" your super soil by adding extra peat, compost and aeration to make it suitable for smaller plants.

How should I water my Super Soil?

Firstly, always use dechlorinated water.

Secondly, if you don't have dechlorinated water, allow a bucket of water to sit out overnight to evaporate the chlorine.

Thirdly, use dechlorinated water (it really is this important) 

We recommend you use a 5L pump action spray bottle to evenly water your plants. The idea is to slowly water your plants with the sprayer to avoid having wet and dry spots in your soil. By watering the soil over the coarse of a few minutes this is easily achieved. Avoid large streams of water than can just wash down the sides of the pot. 

Did we mention to only use dechlorinated water!!?