Ocean Grown - Fish Hydrolysate

Ocean Grown: 500ml
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  • Zero smell unlike the competition, use inside with confidence!
  • NPK 2.5 : 1.5 : 0.3
  • Certified organic & cold processed to retain ALL of the major nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements!

  • Activate and revitalise worn out soils! An excellent enhancer of earth worm and microbial activity, and completely environmentally friendly!

  • Increases flavour and nutrient density in crops at all stages due to our extremely high amino acid content.

  • Increase soil structure and disease resistance in your garden the environmentally friendly way!

  • Contains zero heavy metals or contaminates, produced under strict certified organic conditions.


How to use

Best used in conjunction with Ocean Grown Deep Sea Sugar & Kelp

Seedlings – 3ml per litre.
Transplanting – 5ml per litre.
Foliar Spray – 3ml per litre
Indoor plants – 5-10ml per litre.
Lawns & Fruiting trees - 10ml per litre.
Hydroponics – 3-5ml per litre.
Store out of reach of pets & children in a dark, cool environment.
Do not apply to stressed or under watered plants. Do not apply when temperatures exceed 30C. Always test new products on plants before a complete switch.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Peter Griffin

Quality product, soil & plants respond to it nicely.

Will be back.

Great online service.
Looking forward to my next shopping list.

What smell?

An easy to use treatment that I don't have to use a 9L watering can for and doesn't stink in my indoor plants.

A must have !

The best fish hydrolysate on the market and a must have for your indoor and outdoor garden. No smell and the plants absolutely love it

Anthony Waddle
10/10 winter feed

When my plants start slowing down this has been a great product for keeping them up on their micronutrients. I’ve noticed far less chlorosis and yellowing leaves this winter!

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