Soybean Meal (High N - Great For Leafy Greens!)

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Soybean Meal is the by-product of the extraction of soy oil. It is a natural fertilizer from sustainable resources. It is abundant in a wide range of vital nutrients, including as potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, and many different trace minerals. By supplying vital nutrients and encouraging the development of advantageous microbes, soybean meal is renowned for its capacity to enhance soil health and fertility.

It is the perfect option to provide your plants with a high nitrogen boost!

It is perfect for growing leafy crops and is ideally incorporated into the soil 2-4 weeks before planting stage.

Soybean meal has a close to neutral pH making it a perfect no till or living soil amendment for fast vegetative growth and overall soil health.

Can be used as an effective compost activator.

Use 1/4 - 1/2 cup per meter squared
or 1/4 cup per 30 liters of potting soil.

Other advantages:

  • Soy bean meal contains a wide spectrum of vital nutrients, such as potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, and a number of trace minerals.

  • It massively increases soil nitrogen levels and encourages the development of advantageous microbes.

  • Soy Mean can be utilized to increase plant output and grow luscious foliage.

  • Can be utilized as a natural source of nutrients with a fast yet sustained release.

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