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Scarid 10 - Fungus Gnat Treatment

Scarid 10 - Fungus Gnat Treatment

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For the prevention of Scarid Fly infestation

Use as a drench to water by hand
Useage rate 5mL per liter in a watering can as a drench to semi dry media as a one off treatment.

Use as a drench in your nutrient tank
To kill scarid fly eggs and lavea in media use Scarid 10 at 0.5mL per 1L in the nutrient tank minus nutrient. Run for 2 hours, dump. Flush. Remake nutrient tank.

Use as a preventative spray
For the prevention of Scarid Fly infestation. Best used by spraying on to growing medium once a week trying to avoid contact with plant Scarid 10 is a concentrate and should be applied at a rate of 30ml per litre of water.