Ocean Grown - Cal Mag - 1kg + 2.5kg (Complex Calcium & Magnesium For Living Soil)

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Finally, a garden amendment focusing on plant available Calcium & Magnesium!

Blended from only premium, (majority) ocean derived ingredients, growers can now provide their plants with a fast & slow release source of Cal Mag! Perfect for adding to Living Soils & for Cactus & Succulent Gardening.  

Calcium is a vital nutrient that is responsible for providing plants with the ability to build strong and healthy cell walls. This is especially important for young plants, as they need sturdy cell walls to support their growth and development. In addition, calcium helps to regulate the movement of other nutrients within the plant, which ensures that they are distributed evenly throughout the plant's tissue.

Magnesium is another essential nutrient that plants require in order to thrive. This nutrient is responsible for the production of chlorophyll, which is necessary for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert sunlight into energy, so it is clear that magnesium plays a critical role in the plant's ability to harness the power of the sun. Additionally, magnesium helps to regulate other important processes within the plant, such as the activation of enzymes.

    Ocean Grown Calcium Magnesium Blend can be use in place of garden lime to add MANY more trace elements to your soil! It will raise the pH of your soil.

    Usage guide

    • Existing Soils - Use 1 tablespoon per 10L of soil. Make sure to turn into the soil and water in immediately. Use monthly.
    • Making a Liquid Extract - Use 1 tablespoon per 5L of water. Prefferably bubble overnight using a compost brewer.
    • New Soils - Use 1/2 to 1 cup per 30L of new potting soils.
    • Garden Beds - Use 1-2 cups per m2 once per year.

    Ingredients - Black Basalt Rock Dust, Glacial Rock Dust, Fish & Bone Meal, Kelp Meal, Fish Meal, Oyster Shell, Leonardite



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    Some good shit


    Always great products and fast delivery

    Great service!

    product arrived quickly in Sydney Hills area. Customer service was helpful.

    Ocean grown urchin

    Works a treat

    Nicole Lesage
    Simply the best organic admendment solutions in Oz

    DGRT products are amazing of the highest quality and as being disabled I find it saves me time and helps me to get my organic growing done so much easier nowdays.

    I appreciate the time taken to answer any questions I have with genuine interest in my gardening projects.

    Im a customer for life Dr Green Thumbs changed my gardening experience.

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