Ocean Grown - Cal Mag 1Kg

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Finally, a garden amendment made from the ocean, focusing on plant available Calcium & Magnesium!

Blended from only premium, ocean derived ingredients, growers can now provide their plants with a fast & slow release source of Cal Mag! Perfect for adding to Living Soils & for Cactus & Succulent Gardening.  

Calcium is responsible & required to provide plants with the
ability to build strong and healthy cell walls!

Magnesium is required for chlorophyll production, which allows plants to utilise light more efficiently for photosynthesis.

New Potted Plants - Use 1 cup per 30L soil
New Garden Beds - Use 2 cups per 1m2

Can be use in place of garden lime to add MANY more trace elements to your soil! Will raise soil pH.

Ingredients - Oyster Shell, Glacial Rock Dust, Fish & Bone Meal, Kelp Meal, Leonardite

Detailed usage guide;

Existing Soils - Use 1 tablespoon per 10L of soil. Make sure to turn into the soil and water in immediately. Use monthly.

Making a Liquid Extract - Use 1 tablespoon per 5L of water. Prefferably bubble overnight using a compost brewer.

New Soils - Use 1/2 to 1 cup per 30L of new potting soils.

Garden Beds - Use 1-2 cups per m2 once per year.


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Ryan Sullivan

Ocean Grown - Cal Mag 1Kg

Andrew Mara
Epic for your cactus

This is such a great product. I use this for my cactus garden and it helps them keep infections and nasties at bay - Sydney = humid for cactus and I have had to put in an extremely hydrophobic soil mix. Adding the CalMag has been a revelation. I'll never buy anywhere else. The service and products are beyond expectations.

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