Professor Starter Kit (Complete Nutrient Kit)

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The Professor Original Starter Kit is your ultimate companion for a flourishing garden! This all-in-one package has been carefully curated to provide you with the essential nutrients and additives for a successful, vibrant, and high-yielding garden.

The kit includes the following top-quality products:

  1. Original Part A (1 Litre) - This powerful base nutrient formula is designed to support vigorous vegetative growth. Rich in essential macro and micronutrients, Original Part A ensures your plants develop strong roots, robust stems, and lush foliage.

  2. Original Part B (1 Litre) - The perfect partner for Original Part A, this complementary formula is specifically crafted to fuel blooming and fruiting stages. Original Part B is packed with vital elements that promote exceptional flower development, dense fruit production, and enhanced aroma.

  3. Go Roots (100ml) - Give your plants the foundation they need with Go Roots. This potent root stimulator encourages rapid, healthy root development and boosts nutrient uptake, helping your plants become more resilient against stress and diseases.

  4. Go Green (1 Litre) - Keep your garden looking fresh and vibrant with Go Green. This revitalizing foliar spray is formulated with essential micronutrients that help improve chlorophyll production, photosynthesis, and stress resistance, ensuring your plants stay lush and healthy.

  5. Grow Fast (1 Litre) - Accelerate your plants' growth with Grow Fast. This growth enhancer is enriched with natural plant hormones, amino acids, and vitamins that stimulate cell division, ensuring an impressive growth rate and a shorter time to harvest.

  6. Flower Boost (1 Litre) - Unleash the full potential of your flowering plants with Flower Boost. This powerful bloom booster supplies your plants with the necessary phosphorus and potassium levels for abundant, large, and fragrant flowers, maximizing your garden's visual and olfactory appeal.

  7. Extreme Boost (250g) - Supercharge your plants' final flowering stage with Extreme Boost. This premium additive triggers explosive fruit and flower development, leading to increased yields and exceptional quality produce.

Elevate your gardening game with the Professor Original Starter Kit and watch your plants thrive like never before! Don't miss out on this comprehensive package, designed to cater to all your plants' nutritional needs and help you achieve outstanding results in your garden. Order now and unlock the true potential of your green thumb!

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Matthew Poole
Very quick delivery

Very excited about using your products we are using it for our vegetables seeds.and we are also setting up our aquaponics.

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