Potash 0-0-41 (Potassium)

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Potash (potassium sulphate) is used to create potassium rich fertilizer blends and is frequently used as a potassium supplement for soil and hydroponic gardening. Potassium is a crucial component needed for healthy plant development and growth. SOP has a reputation for enhancing the general health and productivity of plants, especially when combined with other fertilizers in a balance NPK ratio.

Potash contains soluble potassium, making it an excellent addition to gardening fertilizer. It ensures proper maturation in a plant by improving overall health, root strength, disease resistance, and yield rates. In addition, potash creates a better final product, improving the color, texture, and taste of food.

Potash is the perfect amendment for fruiting and flowering plants!

Use at 10g per 30L of potting soil for heavy fruiting varieties.

Contains 18% Sulphur 

Other advantages:

  • It is high in potassium, which is an important nutrient that is needed for healthy plant development and growth.
  • Is commonly used to easily increase the soil's potassium content.
  • Potash be used to drastically raise yields and general health in fruiting and flowering plants.
  • It is used to increase resistance to drought.



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An excellent way to add more potassium to your garden

Geoffrey Davis

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