Perlite Jumbo Size (Aroids, Orchids & Bromedliads)

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Unlock the Secret to Lush, Vibrant Plants

Perlite, a naturally occurring siliceous volcanic rock, is your secret weapon for ensuring your plants grow lush, vibrant, and resilient. When this unique rock is heated above 850°c, it expands, creating tiny, glass-like bubbles that make it lightweight and give it exceptional physical properties. This miraculous transformation is powered by the vaporization of water contained within the crude rock, contributing to its phenomenal capability to aerate any potting mix.

Jumbo Size for Your Exotic Beauties: Aroids, Bromeliads, and Orchids

Our jumbo-sized perlite is particularly tailored for your exotic plants like aroids, bromeliads, and orchids, ensuring they have the perfect environment to flourish. This media effortlessly accommodates the unique needs of these exotic beauties, providing them with the optimal balance of air and moisture, while also ensuring superior root system development.

Why Choose Our Perlite for Your Aroid Potting Mix?

The exclusive physical properties of our expanded perlite make it a stand-out choice for your aroid potting mix. It ensures:

  • Superior Aeration: Enhanced airflow around the roots, promoting healthier, more robust growth.
  • Optimal Moisture Retention: Holds just the right amount of water without causing sogginess, preventing root rot.
  • Lightweight Texture: Ensures your potting mix is not dense or compacted, allowing roots to spread with ease.

The Science Behind Perlite’s Remarkable Properties

Perlite undergoes a fascinating transformation to become the lightweight, moisture-retaining medium gardeners adore. The presence of water in its natural state is pivotal. When heated, the water vaporizes, causing the rock to soften and expand, resulting in a network of tiny bubbles. These bubbles account for its light weight and contribute to its incredible aeration and moisture retention capabilities, making it an unparalleled addition to your potting mix.

How to Incorporate Perlite into Your Potting Mix

  1. Measure Adequately: Ensure a ratio that provides enough aeration without compromising stability. A general guideline is a 1:1 ratio of perlite to soil for aroids and similar exotic plants.
  2. Mix Thoroughly: Ensure the perlite is evenly distributed throughout the mix to provide uniform aeration and moisture retention.
  3. Plant with Care: Be gentle with roots during repotting to minimize stress and promote rapid adaptation to their new environment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
John Mitchell
It really is large ,coarse perlite

Arrived fast, not much powder at all. Burnings sold me a50 litre bagof 'coarse' permits that was rubbish so fine almost sand. And ALOT of powder. I'll be buying jumbo next time too,awesome. One point off for promising me root roids and not. Next time don't offer.

Beautiful chunky perlite for my aroids

Very happy!

Julie Lucas
Great looking perlite

Great product and great price. Would buy again

Barbara Murray
great product

im very happy with this product and would buy it again

Nicole L

Same day despatch and quick delivery! Perlite is the real deal super chunky, not super dusty and not the throw off mid-small range sizes that you usually receive when you find a random store that labels it jumbo! + super affordable. Highly recommend

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