Orchiata Bark 12-18 mm (Orchids, Aroids, Bromeliads)

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Orchiata is the number 1 Orchid Bark used all over the world, the potting mix is Manufactured in New Zealand using premium-grade Pinus Radiata bark.

The Bark is aged, not composted, which means it will not further compost and break down, meaning it will last for several years. With five separate grades, it will be easy to choose your ideal mix to suit whatever you are growing, from Tissue culture, Phalaenopsis to large Cymbidiums.

12-18mm; suits mature orchids.

  • Orchid-friendly substrate known for superior quality.
  • During ageing, beneficial micro-organisms thrive; pathogens eliminated.
  • Outer bark holds water and nutrients; inner bark remains stable.
  • Uniform chip size ensures consistent hydration and longevity.
  • Promises unmatched performance for optimal orchid growth.
Saves Time & Money
  • Ready to use straight from the bag; no initial flushing needed.
  • pH balanced and doesn’t break down in the pot.
  • Beneficial micro-organisms resist pathogens for healthier roots.
  • Reduces repotting frequency and accelerates growth.
  • Offers potential labour cost savings and increased plant value.
  • Produced from sustainable and renewable resources.
  • Bark sourced from managed forests in New Zealand, ensuring sustainability.
  • 100% natural, organic and renewable New Zealand resource
  • Aged bark holds water and nutrients on outer surface
  • Ideal wet/dry cycle for orchids
  • Promotes healthy plant growth
  • Very hard physical structure - will not compost
  • Ideal for both hobbyist and commercial growers
  • Use straight from the bag
  • pH 5.5 – 6.5
  • EC <0.3 mS/cm
  • Moisture <15%
  • Nitrogen fixed for stable EC
  • Uniform chip size in bag
  • Versatile, ideal growing media for a variety of orchid species


Often you will see a fine whitish grey layer of fungi on Orchiata when you open the bag. These are most likely Penicillium or Paecilomyces. These are not detrimental to your plants; they are often beneficial as they help to prevent the colonisation of pathogenic fungi.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sharon S

Best orchid bark I've ever used.

Jadwiga Wong
Excellent shop

Excellent shop with great products and service. I purchased from here few times now and never had issues. Products are of good quality and as advertised. I repotted my orchids into this chunky bark and they look very happy and it's easy to see their roots now

Lauree O'SHEA
Chunky bark

Very happy with the quality of this bark. Great for my aroids, orchids and what seems like 3000 bromeliads!!

Blesson Thomas

Thanks you it was the best coarse bark, I was after for my phalaenopsis orchid . After so much search I finally got it from here . Best product. Came in a clear bag the material was clean and nice highly recommend

Patricia Saga
Great Stuff 💚🙏🏼

Thankyou for EXCELLENT SERVICE and EXCELLENT packing❣
Arrived very fast❣
Will get next size up next time 🙏🏼💚
Highly Recommended❣🧚🏼‍♀️🧚‍♂️💚

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