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Includes everything you need to start brewing highly active Compost Teas (BYO Bucket or tub)

1 x 200g High Tea (makes 2000L)
1x Maxi Water Pump 101
1x Precision Air Pump 2500
1x Round Airstones

High Tea is an innovative microbial solution designed to deliver millions of beneficial fungi and bacteria to your soil!

These beneficial microbes will assist your plants access nutrients at unparalleled rates, build resistance and tolerance towards drought conditions (access water more efficiently) and surpress pathogens and viruses spreading through your soil affecting your growth!

This product is recommended to be used in conjunction with our Mycorrhizal Inoculant for the ultimate protection of your plants roots!

Each packet will make 200L of concentrated High Tea solution. This will be diluted to make up to 2000L!

How to use:

Use 1/2 tablespoon (5g) of High Tea per 5L of unchlorinated water.

Simply take your chosen amount of High Tea and place it in the brewing bucket. Place the bag in your compost tea brewer and bubble for 24 hours in warmer weather or 36 hours in cooler weather.

If no brewer is accessible, a satisfactory "shake" brew can be made by using 1 teaspoon of High Tea and 2 litres of unchlorinated water in a food grade plastic bottle. Make sure to shake your container frequently and open the lid to allow for fresh oxygen exchange. Do not use your "shake" tea if you do not supply it with enough fresh oxygen via opening of the container and vigorous shaking. Your final product will have a sweet smell. If the smell is anything but pleasant, do not use it and start again providing more oxygen.

To use your finished tea dilute 1:5 with unchlorinated water for soil drenching or 1:10 for foliar applications. Apply fortnightly for best results.

If using an aquarium pump we recommend (for maximum efficiency) at least 3 watts of power be used per 5L of water. Please also ensure your brewer and air stone are cleaned thoroughly after each use for best results.

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Compost tea

Works good

high tea kit

easy as compost teas, and the gear to use your own compost. this and the occasional top dress worked great for bloom.

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