Green Planet GP3 Micro (1L / 5L)

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This unrivalled 3 part nutrient system consists of a combination of all primary, secondary and micronutrients in three separate formulas; Grow, Bloom and Micro. GP3 contains pure ingredients, better nutrient ratios, a more complete formulation, better results and overall better value.

It contains no carbonates or synthetic dyes and has the cleanest salt and residue index available. GP3 contains three unique chelated iron sources designed for a broad range of pH environments.

Like a recipe, the GP3 feeding program has the best results when the formula is followed. As explained above, a feeding program is a schedule of plant nutrition that can be mapped in terms of fertilizer dosage, ratio, supplementation, and use over time. Throughout the weeks of vegetative and flowering growth, the GP3 feeding program will guide the grower through different stages of a plant’s life, and offer general feeding ratios, doses, and helpfully supplementation tips. All the measurements of plant food on GreenPlanet’s feeding programs are described in milliliters of fertilizers per liter of water.

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    I have been using the green planet gp3 range for 3 years now, it's a very reliable product.

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