Fish Meal (High Nitrogen)

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Fish Meal is derived from sustainably caught fish frames that would usually be destined for landfill. It is a good source of Organic Nitrogen and other nutrients. 

Fish Meal is rich in a wide range of essential plant nutrients, including amino acids, nitrogen, phosphorus, and a variety of trace minerals which are crucial for healthy plant growth.

(N:10%, P:3.5%, K:1%, S:0.8%, Ca:6.5% plus Amino Acids and Vitamins)

Recommended for your lawn and garden, fruit trees and broad acres. Fish ’N’ N contains approximately 68% protein and is naturally broken down into plant available nitrogen, the protein content equates to about 10% Nitrogen.

Fish Meal is high in other macro and micronutrients as well, contains many essential amino acids and vitamins, which is a good source of food for soil bacteria and fungi.

Fish meal product can be safely used while planting/transplanting or repotting as the product will not burn the roots.

Other advantages:

  • Fish Meal contains numerous vital elements including amino acids, nitrogen, phosphorus, and a number of trace minerals including silica!
  • It will increase soil health and fertility by incorporating vital nutrients for encouraging the development of advantageous microbes.
  • Fish Meal can be utilized to increase plant output and general healthCan be used as a natural source of nutrients with a sustained 1-2 month release.
  • Will aid in increasing aeration, water retention, and soil structure by increasing microbial life and earthwork activity.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fish meal

I added a little bit of this fish meal to my aroid potting medium and was surprised it didn't have a bad odor. There is no fishy stench. The whole room smells rather fresh. I would definitely keep using it.

Ant Mamalos
Fish meal

Haven't used yet, but thanks for your service

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