Coco Coir Block Brick 5kg (Washed & Buffered)

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Washed & Buffered for Hydroponic Use! 
The Ultimate Growing Medium for Healthy Plants

Coco Coir is a high-quality and versatile growing substrate that is available in easy-to-handle, compressed bales. Supplying coir in bale form is a cost-effective and convenient method of storage and transportation.

Growers want a product that provides them with superior root development and foliage growth with excellent water holding capacity. Coir is able to provide these attributes along with other benefits. Coco Coir is ideal for use in potting mixes, soil improvements, garden mulches, wastewater bio-filtration, or simply as a standalone hydroponic growing substrate.

  • Compression ratio: 4:1

  • Bale dimension: 30 x 30 x 12-14 cm (comes in 2 halves)

  • Moisture content: 20%

  • Reconstituted volume: Between 14-16 litre/Kg depending on the grade

Coco coir is a popular growing medium among gardeners and cultivators because of its unique combination of benefits. Unlike traditional soil, coco coir provides excellent aeration and drainage, allowing roots to breathe and preventing waterlogging. This means that your plants receive the right amount of water and oxygen, leading to healthy growth and maximum yields. The washed and buffered coco coir block takes it a step further, ensuring that the coir is free of any harmful salts and minerals, and is buffered to the perfect pH level for your plants.

This coir block is made from 100% natural coconut fibers, which are sustainably harvested from coconut husks. Unlike peat moss, which is becoming increasingly scarce and environmentally damaging, coco coir is a renewable resource that is gentle on the planet. Not only that, but it's also disease and pest-resistant, making it a low-maintenance and worry-free choice for your garden.

The washed and buffered coco coir block is incredibly easy to use. Simply add water, and the block will expand to provide you with the perfect growing medium for your plants. Whether you're growing seeds, cuttings, or transplanting, this coir block will provide the ideal conditions for your plants to grow and thrive. So why wait? Give your plants the best possible start with the Washed & Buffered Coco Coir Block!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
sim laz
Great Product

Great product easy to use when PHing and PPMing, definitely recommend this product.

Matt G
Good job

Good job.

Didier Lion
Best products Best company

I have been a customer of Dr Greenthumps for more than 6 years.
I have always been delighted with all the products I bought.
I do recommend Dr Greenthumps products.

L. C

Always great products and great service.
Very quick delivery.

Pauline Evans

Good quality coco peat, rapid expansion on wetting. Mixes well with other ingredients in my potting mix. Looking forward to good growing results. Dr Greenthumbs has the good stuff !

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