Coco Coir + Perlite 70/30 (Washed & Buffered)

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The hydroponic gardener's preferred blend for premium Hydroponic grade use is Coco Coir (also known as coco peat) & Perlite at a ratio of 70/30.

Coco coir is known worldwide as Coco Coir Peat, Coco Coir Pith, or Coco Coir Fibre. It is a 100% renewable resource and completely sustainable for production.


Washed + Buffered to a low EC level. Perfect for hydroponic use or building living soils with the addition of organic matter.


  • Breathing Room: With the perfect balance of air and water retention, this 70:30 mix promotes healthy root growth while preventing waterlogging.
  • Drain, Drain, Drain: Perlite's addition to the mix enhances drainage, preventing water buildup and promoting healthy plant growth.
  • Moisture Magic: The 70:30 mix helps maintain consistent moisture levels, giving your plants a stable environment to grow and thrive.
  • Nutrient Nirvana: This balanced mix promotes the uptake of nutrients by the plant roots, leading to stronger, healthier growth.
  • Root Revolution: With a mix that promotes the development of a strong and extensive root system, your plants will absorb water and nutrients with ease, leading to unbeatable growth.

Coco coir and its fibers are also often used to plant indoor house plants because it will hold moisture and the perfect air to avoid root rot!

  • Coco Coir & Perlite both have a Neutral pH which is better for plants
  • Coco Coir is a readily renewable resource
  • Promotes moisture-holding capability of soil with less water 
  • Cation exchange capacity will be higher with the addition of coco coir.

Click Here to view our huge range of hydroponic growing nutrients, which are perfect for coco coir + perlite cultivation!


Click Here to purchase a compressed coco coir block that will expand to 60L with added water.


Click Here to Purchase Perlite in various-sized bags.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ric Goldschmidt
The best potting mix around. Oh and how about that delivery time!

I'm in love with the chunky potting mix. Both times I've ordered my stuff has arrived within days. Very impressive! Keep it up.

Great service

Always great service. Knows his stuff.

Big fan of the coco-perlite

My plants are loving this product of Dr greenthumbs . thanks once again for fab quality supplies

Wow, honestly wow, amazing

It takes abit to get me content with a supplier, who cares about there products the way that Dr GreenThumbs does. Absolutely fantastic product , easy to deal with. Thankyou to the Team, I'm nearly due for some more so I'll be in touch. Cheers

Luke Disavia


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