Dr Greenthumbs TurboDirt is revolutionizing the way you garden with our ready-to-use, no-fuss living soil. Say goodbye to the lengthy "cooking" or composting processes and hello to instant gardening success. Our soil is a blend of 100% organic ingredients, meticulously sourced and crafted in Australia. With every component, from our in-house compost blend to the finest Australian ingredients, we ensure your plants receive the very best.

Our living soil is not just a medium; it's a complete nutritional haven for your plants. Designed for growing organic, mineral-rich, and nutrient-dense fruit and flowers, TurboDirt stands unparalleled in quality. Our unique mixture includes organic worm castings, compost, peat moss, perlite, and zeolite, creating the perfect balance for water retention, drainage, and fast root growth.

In TurboDirt, beneficial bacteria and fungi thrive, creating a supportive environment for your plants' growth. The added bonus? Our soil comes with 100% organic nutrients already mixed in, eliminating the need for additional feeding throughout your plant's growth cycle.

TURBODIRT Water Only Soil is your all-in-one solution for seed raising and growing robust plants. This remarkable soil is 100% suitable for seed raising, catering to all your plant's needs, including those with specific nutrient requirements.

Our soil is a true Super Soil, designed to support your plants through a complete 9-10 week growth cycle without the need for additional, costly nutrient regimes. TURBODIRT is expertly blended with all the essential nutrients your plants need, integrated directly into the soil. This means your main focus is just on maintaining a healthy population of beneficial bacteria - and we've got you covered there too!

To ensure these beneficial bacteria thrive, simply inoculate your soil following the packet directions with our specially formulated Root Roids and Fruit Roids. These powerful additives infuse your soil with millions of beneficial bacteria and fungi, along with vital enzymes and growth promoters tailored to your plant's growth stage. This combination not only bolsters your plants' resilience against drought and stress but also helps in suppressing any harmful pathogens that might threaten your growing area

Customer Reviews

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Ramesh Gill
Alchemy in a bag .

Used by itself Turbodirt is an excellent organic grow medium . However for truly oustanding results , i have found much to my delight that incombination with root/fruitroids and 'Tribus' the end results are nothing short than amazing. Be informed and be prepared to be astounded . As an added bonus , maturity times decrease . It just does not get any better than this . Salut.

Quality product

I love Turbodirt and so do my plants. Consistent product everytime. Have never had any burning of seedlings. Shipping of all products at Dr Greenthumbs has been fast and damage free


Plants love this stuff, it is as fine as icing sugar with the acception of pearlite.

Outstanding unbelievable dellivery 24 hrs from order to delivery at door

Unbelievable service and delivery 24hrs fastest ive ever experienced from any retailer, ,excellent and outstanding service and delivery,
Great product information very impressed ,will be coming back to him next time for my garden needs

Will be using this

Glenn k
Turbo dirt

So far so good plants are healthy and loving it 🙂 will definitely be back for more

Frequently Asked Questions

TurboDirt is a 100% organic living soil, made in Australia using a blend of local ingredients and in-house compost. It contains all necessary nutrients for plant growth, eliminating the need for additional fertilizers. This soil is specifically designed to grow mineral-rich and nutrient-dense fruits and flowers.

TurboDirt contains aged compost (including cow, mushroom, turkey, and horse manure), worm castings, peat moss, perlite, and zeolite. It's enriched with bone meal, blood meal, guano, and various other organic nutrients and beneficial bacteria, ensuring a balanced and rich environment for plant growth.

TurboDirt is suitable for seed raising and supports a 9-10 week growth cycle without additional nutrients. Maintain even moisture in the soil and use a pump sprayer pack for watering. For optimal growth, inoculate the soil with Root Roids and Fruit Roids as directed to boost beneficial bacteria and fungi.

Yes, TurboDirt is versatile and works well in various garden setups, including Self Irrigated Planters and Earth Boxes. It's also compatible with automatic gravity-fed systems like Blumats for larger gardens, ensuring even water distribution and nutrient uptake.

TurboDirt orders are shipped in plain, discrete cardboard boxes. Bulk orders are sent in 30L packages, and courier prices are calculated at checkout. For any concerns about courier pricing or packaging, customers are encouraged to contact the company directly. The new 70L option may come in plain packaging until the new packaging arrives, but it is assured to be the genuine product.

TurboDirt is designed to support a wide range of plants, especially those requiring rich, nutrient-dense soil. It's ideal for growing fruits and flowers. However, for plants with specific nutrient issues, additional treatment may be necessary according to those unique needs.

TurboDirt enhances plant health by providing a balanced mix of organic nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. This creates a supportive environment for fast root growth and helps plants withstand adverse conditions like drought. The soil's composition also aids in suppressing pathogens in the growing area.

No, you don't need to add any fertilizers or nutrients to TurboDirt during the 9-10 week growth cycle. The soil is pre-enriched with all necessary organic nutrients and beneficial bacteria, ensuring that plants receive everything they need for healthy growth. Maintaining even moisture and following the recommended inoculation with Root Roids and Fruit Roids is usually sufficient.

Reusing TurboDirt

Yes, TurboDirt is designed for reuse across multiple growing cycles. Its unique blend of organic ingredients maintains soil vitality and structure, making it a sustainable and cost-effective option for indoor gardening.

To reuse TurboDirt, you can either remix the soil and add organic matter and nutrients back into it, or adopt a No-Till gardening style and top dress with nutrition and compost. It's beneficial to leave most plant matter in the soil to maintain its structure and nutrient content.

When reusing TurboDirt, it's recommended to add Dr Greenthumbs Go & Grow and Bud & Bloom fertilizers. Add ¼ cup of each per 30L of used TurboDirt and mix well. These organic amendments provide essential nutrients and support plant health through multiple growth cycles.

Potential risks of reusing TurboDirt include nutrient depletion and soil-borne pests like fungus gnats. To mitigate these, ensure to replenish nutrients as recommended and consider natural pest control methods, such as using Diatomaceous Earth for pest suppression.

To maintain the health of reused TurboDirt, monitor soil moisture levels, pH, and EC fluctuations. Utilize cover crops to improve soil structure and nutrient cycling. Ensure consistent watering, possibly using a pump sprayer pack or automatic systems like Blumats for even moisture distribution.