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I've been growing Cactus in the UK and here for over 25 years and Doctor Greenthumbs Cactus mix is outstanding, I've always mixed my own, when I saw this mix on Facebook I thought yes I've heard it all before, but as I said it's outstanding and I won't hesitate to use again, all you Cactus growers out there try it you won't disappoint! - Robert NSW


All the finest cactus growing mediums, made with passion and knowledge. Amazing blog too, full of research and guides. Thank you for the effort you put into sharing what you know (and all of the questions on FB) - Avram WA


Excellent products, so hard to find any good media for growing cacti in my area. But Dr greenthumbs has a great selection of all i could need! Cheers buddy - Steven QLD


Great products and great knowledge, top notch products & very helpful - Josh NSW


Great products, great service. My cactus are loving your gritmix! - Jordan NSW


Long overdue positive feedback! Had a few orders now with the good Doc and have been pleased each time! Love what you guys are doing, your passion for the hobby really shines through and I am very pleased to put it into my garden!! Much love and all the best! - Elk QLD


Great products, I am having great results growing Cactus from seed with the gritmix. I have also used the Diatomaceous insectacide for bugs and in a week or so the problem was solved. Very professional and always ready to help, thanks! - Umberto NSW