Water Soluble Guano (Suitable for Irrigation & Foliar)

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Revitalize Your Soil with Guano Powder: The Natural Path to Plant Prosperity

Transform your garden with Guano Powder, a revolutionary, microbe-friendly choice in fertilization. Unlike typical fertilizers, Guano Powder uniquely combines phosphorus and calcium, essential nutrients often missing in tandem from conventional options. This natural guano-based product stands out, as soluble synthetic phosphorus (P) and calcium (Ca) often clash, making Guano Powder your go-to for harmonious soil enrichment.

Phosphorus, the second most lacking nutrient in soil, is critical for plant metabolism, flowering, and potentially hastens maturity. Plants short on phosphorus show stunted growth. Guano Powder steps in to fill this gap effectively, fostering robust plant development and healthier produce.

Calcium's role is equally pivotal. It not only enhances other nutrient absorption but also nurtures a thriving soil ecosystem. Balanced calcium levels in soil equate to richer, more vibrant plant life. With Guano Powder, you're not just feeding your plants; you're cultivating an environment where they flourish.

Guano Powder is a savior for soils damaged by chemical fertilizers. Its living microbial flora rejuvenates organic matter, boosting microbial activity. This leads to improved nutrient uptake, superior plant health, and optimal soil moisture levels.

Our product is a testament to balance – offering a friable, workable soil structure, ensuring root health and maximum nutrient availability. It counters the harsh effects of magnesium toxicity while safeguarding your crops from other ailments.

How To Use

Regular Irrigation - 1/2 scoop per 5L water

New Plantings - 2 scoops per 5L water

Flowering Plants - 2 scoops per 5L water

Foliar Spray - 1 scoop per 5L water

30% Calcium
15% Phosphorus
2.3% Magnesium

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