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Super Soil Nutrient Kit

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Our Super Soil nutrient kits are everything your valuable plants need! The ultimate soil recipe from start to finish, we've taken the guess work out of creating Australia's best Super Soil! Perfectly crafted and made in Australia, using 100% Aussie sourced ingredients. Don't forget to grab some Mycorrhizal powder from our store to super charge your plants root growth!

To create 30L of premium quality soil we need to use 3 main components

  • 10L Peat Moss OR quality Coco Coir
  • 10L Compost or Worm Castings
  • 10L Aeration (perlite, hydroton, pumice etc)

Mix these components thoroughly and add 300-500g of your Super Soil Nutrient Kit per 30L of soil. After thoroughly mixing the soil, store the soil for 1-3 months to allow the nutrient kit to break down. It is best to turn the soil pile regularly during this time.

When planting into this mix, it is advised to use vigorous plants that are well into their stages of vegetative growth to avoid nutrient burning your plants. If you wish to use plants of juvenile growth stages we advise you create a buffer zone around the root zone with non super soil. This is to allow the plants to grow into the nutrients gradually and not nutrient burn your young plants. Your Super Soil can be diluted 1:4 with non-amended soil to be used as a seed raising mix or for rooting cuttings.

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*Mycorrhizal inoculant not included, pictured for display purposes only.