TurboCharge Compost

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TurboCharge Compost has been developed to effortlessly reuse your soil with no downtime! Comprised of a rich mix of completely plant available organic fertilizers and nutrient dense compost & worm castings. Growers now no longer have to rely on calculating dry amendment mixtures or go through the lengthy period of preparing the soil for re-planting at the end of the cycle. 

How To Use

Simply mix 8-10L of TurboCharge compost with 30L of TurboDirt. For added aeration and to return the soil to the original porosity and water holding capacity, mix in 5L of Perlite and 5L of Coco Coir. This will leave you with a final soil volume of 50L allowing gardeners to reuse their soil & expand their garden.

Alternatively for No-Till gardeners, Apply a generous layer (1-3 inches) under your existing mulch layer and re-cover. Repeat throughout the growing cycle as the plants require an extra nutrient "kick". Use in conjunction with ISC Maintenance Solutions the flawless growth.

Pre-Inoculated with ROOT ROIDS.


Compost Blend - Minimum 6 month aged compost (mixture of cow, mushroom, turkey & horse manure), worm castings & zeolite
Nutrients - Bone meal, blood meal, guano, potash, soy meal, alfalfa meal, coconut meal, neem meal, kelp meal, malted barley, crustacean blend, dolomite, gypsum, volcanic rock dust, palagonite, azomite, beneficial bacteria + mycorrhizae & humic acid.


Customer Reviews

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Peter Griffin

Excellent rich dense product, top dressed my garden beds and they are loving it.

Christian White
Turbocharge Compost

Absolutely amazing compost blend gives nice vigorous growth an big sized an flavor filled fruits, makes life so much easier to reuse your living soil or even build your own by adding cococoir an perlite to it an once mixed can use it straight away no waiting time,, very highly recommended just like all the ISC an Dr Greenthumbs range

Sholto Spradbury
Rich, heavy, dark, reeky

This is the shit. If you aren't able to make your own soil, the exhaustive list of quality ingredients herein and the loving attention ISC give their products means this is the next best thing. I wonder if today's youth appreciate how lucky they are to have a shop like this in Australia - when I started growing many of the raw ingredients for proper supersoil could not be obtained locally, let alone finished products like this! (Now I need to go yell at some skateboarders and scrub graffiti off my fence)

Tom Spring
Awesome product

Awesome product. Make average soil amazing. Plants love it and go crazy

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