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MAB Grow 2-20mm

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- GreenSpace MAB Grow is a revolutionary way to effortlessly grow ALL types of plants! Consisting of 100% mineral, horticultural grade aeration stone, your MAB Grow will always come free of contamination, pests & disease!

- Create the perfect root zone environment effortlessly, while eliminating problems associated with overwatering your plants.
We have eliminated battling Root Rot & Fungus Gnats in your expensive plant collection! We guarantee you'll never see a gnat again!

- Our product will never break down, compact, or "clog up" in your growing container to reduce the available oxygen to your root zone.
MAB Grow provides the perfect ratio of oxygen to water holding capabilities each and every time!

- MAB Grow will hold and distribute fertilizer evenly to your root zone, reducing the overall amount needed to grow a healthy plant.

- Switch over to the Ultimate soil substitute today! Perfect for regular growing containers, "passive" hand-watered Hydroponic Systems, and Self Watering Pots.

-100% Reusable Growing Media
Designed, tested, and backed by industry professionals right here in Australia!

How to use -

To transplant your plant into MAB Grow, simply remove at least 90% of the organic matter from the roots of your plant.
This can be done by gently submerging into a bucket of water and massaging the root zone until it is clean.

Then simply transplant into your container of choice as you would with any potting mix.
Water your plant with GreenSpace Liquid fertilizer once per week. For Self-watering containers, the nutrient solution can be left in the bottom reservoir without the risk of root rot.
You will know when your MAB Grow requires watering as the color changes from a darker to a lighter shade as it dries out.

Customer Reviews

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Lauri Lewis
Great so far!

This is the first time I've used Mab, and I bought the 2-20mm. When I recieved it I was surprised at how heavy it is, its way heavier than anything else I've ever used and I was worried about if the roots would be able to penetrate it and grow in there. I've had a monstera growing in it for 5 days now and I can confirm... roots can grow just fine because of all the spaces and gaps that mab creates. I don't know if it's the mab, the greenspace fertiliser I'm using, or I just have a particularly vigorous plant, but I have 5 new roots growing on this cutting already, about 0.5-1cm long in 5 days! That's insane. So yeah, very happy with the results so far and I can't wait to see future results. 🙂👍💯🌱

Riley Seeds

As soon as I found out about MAB I was quick smart in buying and now I won’t use anything else for my plants. From aroids to jewel orchids all thrive in MAB, but gotta mix with with root roids then plants went crazy 👌🏻

Never using any other potting medium again.

My favourite text message from my husband is after my MAB is delivered. “Honey, your rocks are here”. I sit at my desk thinking about all the babies I’m going to report, to save from the brink. So far I’ve had a watermelon peperomia give me new shoots, PLUS I successfully rooted a cutting in MAB, I’ve saved a peperomia obtusifolia from root rot, I’ve used MAB with a jewel orchard that was looking a little sorry for itself and it’s rewarded me with a new leaf. Teamed with Root Roids and a sprinkling of Greenspace all my plant babies are loving life. Thanks, Dr Greenthumbs, you rock.

Jess C

My plants (hoyas, anthuriums, monsteras and philodendrons) love MAB. LECA used to be my preferred medium, but I've had issues with my taller plants toppling over. I don't have this issue with MAB.
I love that MAB can be used hydroponically, but also as a soil substitute.

Tracy Sullivan
Aroids & Orchids in mab.

I have potted up some of my best aroids & orchids who are doing very well in mab, hopefully no more fungas nats or root rot so far so good. Keen to try out other products. I've heard & seen nothing but fantastic results by other growers, simple and easy product to use.