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MAB Guard is the perfect partner to eliminate the build-up of excess nutrients in your growing media causing unsightly algae build-ups!

Fertilisers that aren’t used by the plants will remain stuck in the growing media, causing nutrient lockouts & eventually causing damage to the roots due to nutrient burn. Nutrient lockouts not only cost gardeners a lot of money in wasted nutrients, but they also cause a lot of stress to your precious plants by causing nutrient deficiencies.

Utilising MAB Guard will make sure your growing media is delivering balanced nutrition to your precious plants, while improving the plants overall health and immune system at the same time!

How to use

Use 0.5-2ml of MAB Guard per 1L of water.
Up to 5ml of MAB Guard per 1L of water may be used for established infections.

Drench your growing media thoroughly and discard any excess solution.
Use every 7-10 days for maximum protection.

MAB Guard may be mixed with any nutrient and used in any growing media!

Using less, is always best! Start low and work your way up until you see the results you are requiring. It is always recommended to spot test new products in your garden.

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Excellent product

I have started using Dr Greenthumbs' products on my bonsais. Everything is going well and works as advertised. Very useful if you are repotting a bonsai from organic substrate to an inorganic one. It helps clean out the root system and helps it recover from root pruning. 2 greenthumbs up!

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