Glory Pole - BLACK - Easy Assembly Totem Moss Pole (40cm / 58cm)

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Size: 40cm Black
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Is it time to get your plant upsized?
Then it's time to grab a Glory Pole.

The Glory Pole is the perfect way to provide a support structure for your climbing plants to latch on to. All you need to do is to fold a sheet of the Glory Pole to the suitable diameter to slot into your pot - ranging from 5 to 10 cm - then just fill 'er up with the soil/growing media of your choice!

  • The combination of hexagonal cut outs in the thick polypropylene plastic of the Glory Pole provide access to the aerial roots to bite into the media, while maintaining stability and rigidity for the plant. And if you need more height? Each Glory Pole can be easily extended by sliding them over each other!
  • Supports Healthy Growth: Moss poles provide a sturdy support structure for your aroid plants, allowing them to grow tall and strong. This promotes healthy growth and development, leading to lush foliage and impressive size.
  • Encourages Aerial Root Growth: Aroid plants naturally produce aerial roots that help them cling to trees in their native environments. Moss poles provide a natural way to encourage aerial root growth, leading to healthier and stronger plants.
  • Reduces Stress: Aroid plants can experience stress when their growth is restricted. Moss poles provide a natural way to support their growth, reducing stress and promoting healthy development.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Moss poles add a natural and attractive element to any indoor plant display. They are both functional and stylish, making them a must-have for any plant lover.
  • Space Saving: Aroid plants can grow to be quite large, but moss poles allow them to grow upwards, taking up less horizontal space. This makes them an excellent choice for smaller living spaces or apartments.

The smaller Glory Poles measure at 40cm height and 9cm width; while the larger Glory Poles measure at 58cm height with 10cm width.

If you need a CHUNKY potting soil option - we suggest GreenSpace Chunky Potting Soil

Many Customer also choose to use Coco Coir Chips - Click here!

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