Professor Organic Starter Kit (Complete Nutrient Kit)

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Introducing the Ultimate Organic Gardening Kit – the perfect solution for eco-conscious gardeners seeking exceptional results! This comprehensive package combines top-quality organic nutrients and additives, specifically formulated to support your plants throughout their entire life cycle.

The kit includes the following premium products:

  • Organic Grow (1 Litre) - Fuel your plants with the essential nutrients they need during the vegetative stage. Organic Grow is a powerful blend of natural ingredients that promotes vigorous growth, strong root development, and lush foliage, setting the stage for a fruitful harvest.
  • Organic Bloom (1 Litre) - Provide your plants with the optimal conditions for flowering and fruiting. Organic Bloom is a carefully crafted formula that enhances flower production, fruit density, and overall plant vitality, ensuring an impressive and bountiful harvest.
  • Organic Grow Fast (1 Litre) - Accelerate your plants' growth rate with Organic Grow Fast. This natural growth enhancer is infused with plant hormones, amino acids, and vitamins that stimulate cell division and promote healthy, robust growth, leading to a shorter time to harvest.
  • Organic Flower Boost (1 Litre) - Maximize your garden's floral potential with Organic Flower Boost. This powerful bloom booster supplies your plants with the necessary phosphorus and potassium levels for abundant, large, and fragrant flowers, elevating your garden's visual and olfactory appeal.
  • Organic Terpene Gold (1 Litre) - Enhance the flavor, aroma, and potency of your harvest with Organic Terpene Gold. This premium additive is specifically formulated to stimulate terpene production, resulting in a more enjoyable and satisfying sensory experience.
  • Organic pH Up (250ml) - Maintain the perfect pH balance in your growing medium with Organic pH Up. This natural pH adjuster increases the pH level, ensuring optimal nutrient availability and uptake for your plants, leading to a healthy and thriving garden.
  • Organic pH Down (250ml) - Keep your growing environment in check with Organic pH Down. This eco-friendly solution lowers the pH level, promoting the ideal conditions for nutrient absorption and overall plant health.
Experience the benefits of organic gardening with the Ultimate Organic Gardening Kit, designed to cater to all your plants' nutritional needs while promoting sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Don't miss out on this all-inclusive package, guaranteed to help you achieve outstanding results in your garden. Order now and cultivate a thriving, eco-conscious garden!

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A++ Organics professor

A++, My veggies and peppers are all doing well and loving this nutrients line off organics professor pack
Thanks Scott
Happy customer!!! :)

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