Many Cactus and Succulent collectors don't know where to turn  when it comes to repotting up their prized beauties! Commercial mixes are full of uncomposted pine bark which rot your plants quicker than they can grow!

We have sourced some of the hardest to find mineral grow mediums for your plants, facilitating some of the best drainage and growth rates you will ever get.

We recommend you do your research regarding how much organic matter your specific plant tolerates and then mixing your own soil with the mineral bases provided in our store.

When picking your organic portion we suggest a rich humus base with no rotting organic matter present. Peat moss or screened compost is our choice.

We also offer a range of ready to go mineral mixes perfectly blended to use straight out of the bag. Gritmix No1 & Gritmix No2 are the the answers for those not wanting to build their own mineral mix but want the absolute best for their plants.