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The demand for organically derived growing mediums & fertilisers has taken the Indoor Gardening world by storm recently! With grower's requiring high production output & the markets demanding cleaner grown crops, it's no wonder so many forward thinkers are making the switch over to the Indoor Soil Company's way of cultivation.

We worked tirelessly throughout 2014-2017 creating the perfect base soil now known as TurboDirt, comprising of the highest grade organic inputs available within Australia. Nothing was at the forefront of our development more than providing a solution that surpassed hydroponic growth and harvests, with the simplicity of how nature intended plants to flourish.

Making the switch to organic cultivation has never been easier, and the results never sweeter!

Seedling Stage

You might have read that Water Only Soils can “burn” younger plants or cuttings? Well not with our soil! TurboDirt provides the ultimate solution from starting off your seeds, to harvesting your crop at the end of an 8-12 week cycle.

However, This isn't to say our soil doesn't contain enough nutrients either! We've just worked tirelessly with soil testing facilities and growers in the legal field to create the perfectly balanced soil. It isn't about how many different amendments go into your soil, its about the quality of the humus material & the way your nutrients work together to create a harmonious balance that will deliver results at both ends of the plants life. Everyone tells us we nailed this!

Start Seedlings or Cuttings off in Jiffy pellets & then transfer into TurboDirt when the tap root is appearing out the bottom of the pellet. It is important this tap root does not terminate as it is vital to your plants early development. 80-100mm pots seem to be better for most varieties of seedlings, as they allow the soil to dry and remain aerated without the risk of over watering.

Pro Tip – Soak your jiffy pellets with ¼ teaspoon of Root Roids per L of water!
Do not allow seedlings to dry out, keep soil moist but not wet. Do not water to “runoff”.

Vegetative Growth

Usually 2-3 weeks after the seedling stage, vegetative growth begins with a real bang!
TurboDirt contains a wide variety of plant available amino acids, growth promoters and stabilised organic matter to facilitate fast, strong & disease resistant growth.

Usually when a plant reaches 6-8 inches tall, they are transferred out of their “seedling stage” containers. Personally, we suggest up potting from a 100mm container to a 140mm container. This allows both the grower, and the plants, the ultimate control over watering and root growth. Moving up through this sizing will typically see the plants be less susceptible to transplant shock and problems associated with over watering in larger containers.

If growers wish to move from 100mm seedling pots to their final growing container, it is advised to use strong stock plants that are well watered. Do not saturate the final growing container, rather watering slowly over the duration of 2-5 days until you find the optimum moisture levels. It is always better to underwater a healthy plant until you find the ideal “sweet spot”.

Your TurboDirt can sustain a vegetative period of 3-4 weeks. To extend this vegetative period or fix deficiencies that occur when plants have varying nutritional requirements amongst cultivars or species, growers can use our ISC Growth Maintenance Solution. This liquid fertiliser provides perfectly balanced vegetative nutrition a long with providing the backbones to a strong flowering cycle.

Pro Tip – DO NOT WATER YOUR SOIL TO RUNOFF & Use Root Roids once per week to provide millions of beneficial bacteria and fungi that help fight off pests and disease like “root rot” caused by incorrect watering. You will notice a result the very next day, we guarantee it!

Pre-Bloom Preparation

The two weeks leading up to the flowering cycle of any plant is the most critical time a grower can focus on. Any setbacks with watering your plants or allowing them to get root bound before their final re pot, can severely impact your plants performance. Generally speaking, 8-10 days after going into your 140mm pots, the plants are ready for their final flowering container. The size of this container will depend on any further vegetative growth & your desired plant size.

Plants that will be flowered shortly after re potting can be placed into 12-15L containers (final height 1.5-3ft). If going for this size, it is recommended to vegetatively grow your plant for another 7 days to allow the roots to settle in. Gardeners who wish to grow their plants larger than 1-1.5mtr tall are advised to use 25-40L of soil and vegetatively grow your plants for a further 2-3 weeks.

To prepare your plants with all natural growth hormones and enzymes for the flowering cycle, we suggest using the recommended dose of Fruit Roids, 7 days before you initiate the flowering period. Doing so will increase your plants ability to start producing their own natural hormones and building blocks required for a strong start into the flowering cycle. When used as per the instructions, growers will notice a much faster initiation into fruit set, with plants able to biosynthesize (producing from within naturally) desirably traits such as terpenes or plant resins much earlier in plant development.

Pro Tip – Now is a great time to make sure your plants are pest and pathogen free! As you noticed when you received your soil, it is pest free! But this won't stop them showing up if you haven't taken a few precautions. Make sure to clear any weeds and pests from nearby areas such as outside (they'll hitch a ride) and give your plants two applications of Bug Boss King Hit.


During the first 2-3 weeks of the flowering cycle you will see your plants grow exponentially! It is important during this time to supply your garden with support structures to allow the plants the ability to focus on flower production rather than supporting itself.

You will also notice your plants thirst levels increasing daily! As a rough guide, growers can expect to water a healthy plant approx 500ml-1500ml/15L pot, or 1500ml-2500ml/25L-40L pot, in a 24 hour period. Please note these figures vary widely and will depend on your local environment including airflow and temperature. The upper limits show just how much a plant can drink everyday in a well “dialled in” setting.

Continue using Fruit Roids during this period as per the directions and stop the week before harvest. Doing so will activate your plants natural built-in defence mechanisms with our balanced levels of salicylic acid, chitosan & phytohormones, increase yields and oil production substantially whilst stimulating root growth and secondary branching (more bud sites), while being packed full of complex carbohydrates that allow your plants to "refuel" and transport nutrients to where it needs them, exactly when it needs them.

Pro Tip - If growers wish to also give their plants an additional weight booster, we have developed a perfectly matched Bloom Maintenance Solution. Utilising 100% certified organic Phosphorus and Potassium for maximum fruit weight, calcium for strong stems and nutrient mobility, & Triacontanol to add a super sticky coating for all that extra surface area! Use up until the 7th week of flower.

Reusing Your Soil

Congratulations! You've made it to the point of reusing your soil, which means you finished your first cycle!

There are two main ways growers can reuse their soil;

Mixing through a “ready to use” product, such as TurboCharge Compost, is the quickest and easiest way to start growing again. Simply take 8-10L of TurboCharge compost, 5L perlite & 5L of coco coir. Mix this through 30L of old TurboDirt, to end up with a final volume of approximately 50L. This soil is now recharged with its required nutrients and can be replanted into on the exact same day! You don't even need to remove the old roots, just break them up as best you can!

For growers wanting to apply a No-Till approach to reusing their soil, we have developed several dry amendment nutrient kits that can be top dressed onto your existing soil. This will require no hard work re mixing soils up, but will require a wait time of around 2-4 weeks until the pots can be replanted into. This wait time allows the nutrients to become available to the plant and digested by the soil microbes. It is also advised to add a 1-2 inch layer of compost on any soil that is being reused this way. Make sure to keep your pots moist during this period as the nutrients wont break down if the soil is dried out. Go&Grow + Bud&Bloom are the nutrient kits of choice, and available through DR GT.

Pro Tip – If you haven't provided enough nutrition to your plants after reusing your soil, our Growth & Bloom Maintenance Solutions can help mitigate any extra need for plant available nutrition.

Quick Product Reference Guide

Seedling Stage

  1. Root Roids – Presoak jiffy pellets for symbiotic fungal/bacterial inoculation.

Vegetative Growth

  1. Root Roids – Use weekly as per the packet directions for strong, healthy roots.
  2. Growth Maintenance Solution – Use weekly if needed due to nutrient deficiencies. If you use this product at ½ strength and you see a slight tip curl, you have enough vegetative nutrition built into your soil.

Pre-Flowering Stage

  1. Fruit Roids – Use as per the product directions from 1 week before flowering is initiated for a boosted start to the flowering cycle.
  2. Bug Boss King Hit - Organic Pest Prevention

Flowering Stage

  1. Fruit Roids – Use as per the product directions from week 1-7 for a super immune system.
  2. Bloom Maintenance Solution – Use as per the product directions from week 1-7 for maximum weight and flavour production.

Reusing TurboDirt

  1. Option A – Same Day Use – TurboCharge Compost
  2. Option B – No-Till Conversion – Go&Grow + Bud&Bloom nutrient kits.