Tanlin (NilNat) 20ml

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Tanlin Drops is a highly effective solution for every gardener growing any type of plant in any type of system. 

  • Extremely concentrated – 1 ml makes 100 liters. One 20 ml bottle makes 2000 liters.

  • Safe to use with any nutrient regiment.

  • Will not affect beneficial microorganisms.

  • Non-toxic and completely inert; does not interact with the plant in any way.

  • Tanlin Drops, like all other CX Horticulture products, is designed specifically for consumable crops.

  • Tanlin Drops is plant, pet and people safe.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I've done three weeks with a weekly drench of Tanlin and spraying any visible gnats with pyrethrum. I think the overall number has decreased, and I suppose time will tell!
Great website. Love that it's local.

Jackie Fuller

opportunity. Thanks for the prompt delivery in excellent condition. Thanks for selling Tanlin drops that help to prevent gnats in my pot plants that are so annoying. I
know where to purchase next time, cheers Jackie

Sitting on the fence

I'm currently on the fence with this product. I ordered it based on the good reviews it had, but despite all my high hopes to rid my indoor plants and house of the pesky, annoying gnat flies, unfortunately it has so far not been working for me. Despite first flooding the soil in my pots with water then applying a full drench of Tanlin during the first round of application, followed by a top-up drench with plant feed during the second round, and thickly applying a neem-oil enriched gravel on the surface, the gnats are still hanging around. I am now going to resort to using sticky gnat tape in the hopes of eradicating these pests from my life. If anyone has any brilliant suggestions on how they successfully used this product AND eradicated the problem, please leave a review for those of us who have tried and failed. Thank you.

Some feedback

Delivery was fast and hassle free. Product is as advertised, it's slow working but I can tell it's making a difference which is all that matters.

I can tell their customer service is very committed to feedback and improvement. All round great family-owned service.

Virginia J
Great product for fungus gnats

Tried other methods and this is the only thing that completely gets rid of fungus gnats!

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