GreenSpace Reset Leaf Conditioner

Size: 100ml - makes 5L
Sale price$25.00


  • Remove dust & debris from your plant's foliage, while conditioning and revitalizing at the same time.
  • Return foliage back to its original glory! Perfect to use as a leaf shine, but without the drawbacks of using Neem oil.
  • Gentle and non-toxic ingredients, perfect for most plants & foliage types.
  • Derived from 100% natural & organic ingredients while utilizing a completely Neem-free formulation.
  • Economic pricing, treat more plants for less compared to Ready To Use sprays.

How to use

Mix 20ml of Reset Leaf Conditioner into 1 liter of water, shake well, and thoroughly saturate all your leaves surfaces.

It is best to spray plants in the evening and leave them to dry for 8-12 hours in low light or darkness. This will maximize the spray's effects and give the best results for your plant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Katrina Cukman
Spidermite killer

This is an amazing spray. It killed the spidermite infestation on my philodendron verrucosum. plus it’s super easy to use, spray at night and let it do it’s magic

Eleanor Perring
Spider mite be gone!

The conditioner seems to have removed my pesky spider mite problem on my alocasia which has been going on for months! Also leaves a nice subtle gloss. Plant seems happy and healthy again! Great product

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