Can Lite Carbon Filter GT 425 S (150mm Flange)

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The Can-Filter® Can-Lite™ is a meticulously designed carbon filter crafted especially for spaces ranging from small to mid-sized. Its construction and features offer optimal air purification and ease of use. Here are its standout features:

  • High-Quality Carbon: The Can-Lite™ filter boasts 100% Australian granulated-carbon, a type known for its exceptional adsorptive properties. This ensures efficient removal of contaminants and odors from the air.

  • Durable Construction: The filter is fitted with an aluminum top and bottom, which not only lends to its durability but also ensures longevity.

  • Integrated Flange: The integrated flange simplifies the installation process and ensures a snug fit in various ventilation systems.

  • Open Perforation: A unique feature of the Can-Lite™ is its 51% open perforation. This design ensures maximum airflow and optimal contact with the carbon, leading to effective purification.

  • Variety of Sizes: To cater to diverse needs, the Can-Lite™ filter is available in 12 different sizes. This range can accommodate airflows (measured in Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM) from as low as 89 to as high as 3000.

  • Quality Assurance: Each Can-Lite™ filter is assembled with precision at a dedicated carbon filter plant located in Vancouver, Washington, USA. This ensures that each unit meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Outside Diameter:     200mm
  Max Flow Rate:     425 m³/h
  Length:     350mm
  Total Weight:     4kg
  Thickness of Carbon Bed:     25mm
  Installation Direction:     Universal
  Activated Carbon Type:     CKG 48
  Max. Operating Temp:     80ºC
  Max. Relative Humidity:     70%
  Housing:     Steel



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dan duncan
Turbo dirt -water only indoor soil

Awesome soil,whatever you grow in it get big and healthy,just water every few days and see the results 👍

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