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Palagonite Basalt Rock Dust

Palagonite Basalt Rock Dust

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Palagonite is a basalt rock dust mined in Australia, prized for its ability to uncompact soils, improve water holding capacity and feed beneficial soil microbes.

Because of its unique ability to provide cation-exchange capacity, palangonite will also stop nutrients leaching from your soil. Because of this we recommended to use palangonite mixed with a quality compost and then top dressed onto your soil or mixed with your compost pile. This won’t be nessecery in soils already rich in organic matter.

Use at 50-150g per square meter.

Typical Analysis – Silicon 22.30%, Titanium 1.44%, Aluminum 7.70%, Manganese 0.23%, Magnesium 3.30%, Calcium 5.10%, Sodium 2.36% Phosphorus 0.24%, Potassium 0.77%.