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KILL-A-MITE is a concentrate and requires only 1 ml to a litre of water and is applied as a foliar spray. 100ml bottle of KILL-A-MITE will make 100 litres of Mite Terminator spray. Make sure you spray under the leaves.

Many growers only use once and get good results. It is suggested to be used twice with an initial spray then followed by a second spray seven days later to ensure any eggs that were missed and hatched are killed also.

The active ingredient is 18g/L Abamectin and has been used on

Queensland Fruit Fly
Cotton Thrips
Two-Spotted Mite
Tea Red Spider Mite
Broad Mite
Brown Citrus Rust Mite
Carmine Spider Mite
European Red Mite
Native Budworm
Tomato Russet Mite
Tobacco Leafminer (Potato Moth)
Broad Mite
Brown Citrus Rust Mite
Citrus Rust Mite
Maori Mite
Citrus Red Mite
Carmine Mite
Native Budworm Or Bollworm
Potato Moth Or Tobacco Leafminer
Tomato Russet Mite
Always use as per instructions, and observe withholding periods

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