HortiVision Digital 600w HPS Kit (Ballast + Reflector + Bulb)

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This comprehensive kit is designed to empower your plant growth journey by providing essential components for optimized lighting. Whether you're a seasoned grower or a beginner, this kit has everything you need to achieve remarkable results.

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Hortivision 600W/240V HPS Electronic Ballast: This dimmable ballast offers versatile control with adjustable output levels (250W – 400W – 600W & Boost). It is compatible with both HPS and MH lamps, and it has the capability to power the HortiVision 3K CMH Grow Lamp [600W], offering an extended lifespan and enhanced HPS Flowering spectrum.

  • 1 x 600W/240V HPS Grow Lamp (2K): The star of the show, this Hortivision 600W/240V HPS Grow Lamp delivers exceptional performance. With its optimized spectrum, it ensures your plants receive the ideal light for healthy growth and bountiful flowering.

  • 1 x Super Reflector: Designed for maximum light diffusion, the super reflector boasts highly reflective German aluminum with a textured finish. Its reflective contour design guarantees optimal PAR output, enhancing light coverage and penetration. Pre-wired with a lamp cord and E40 socket, it features a heavy-duty 3m long reflector cable for flexible positioning. Dimensions: 47cm x 35cm x 17cm.

Key Features

  • Achieve the perfect lighting intensity with the dimmable ballast, offering settings of 250W, 400W, 600W, and Boost.
  • Enjoy compatibility with both HPS and MH lamps, providing versatility for different growth stages.
  • Harness the power of the HortiVision 3K CMH Grow Lamp [600W] for an extended lifespan and improved flowering spectrum.
  • Illuminate your growing space with the Hortivision 600W/240V HPS Grow Lamp (2K), delivering essential light for optimal plant development.
  • Benefit from the reflective excellence of the super reflector, designed with German aluminum for exceptional light diffusion and PAR output.

Invest in the Hortivision HPS Grow Light Kit and embark on a journey of robust plant growth, flowering, and successful harvests. With quality components and an affordable price tag, this kit brings you closer to your gardening aspirations. Elevate your growing experience today with Hortivision!

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Bailey & carly Andrews
The best

I’ve done a full 360• in style of equipment I went in a super high end big dollars journey for like 10 years and then I ended up chasing budget equipment with tight finances in mind. And then I supplemented my old school phillips sunny t’s with a couple of these Hortivision kits just because first and foremost they were the cheapest I could find, and secondly Blackskull or whatever his name is recommends them all the way from California.. anyhow,, OMGGG!! These lights are no joke! They are literally almost twice as bright as a Sunny T, these are on point with the super high end stuff like Gavita or Lumatek.. Sht you not!!!! And this shade what is this!? It’s the same high end pattern reflective that Gavita and Lumatek use!! What is this Suoer shade or what we it’s called wow!! WOW!! Thankyou god for directing me on this journey. What a light!

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