Growth & Bloom Maintenance Solution 1L

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Size: 1L Growth NPK 0.5 - 0.1 - 0.1
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The ISC Maintenance Solutions have has been designed to work alongside Water Only Soils to provide a premium source of organic plant-available nutrients and growth promoters, which cannot be inbuilt into your Water Only Soils!

Perfect for homemade soils where the inbuilt nutrition is poorly balanced, or for growers re-using their TurboDirt without re amending the soil with TurboCharge Compost or a dry amendment kit.

Particularly useful for plants that have become root bound during the flowering process, or to provide a fast-acting source of nutrition for depleted soils when repotting your plant isn't an option.

Utilizes 100% Organic Ingredients!

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Growth Maintenance Solution

  • Promote vigorous vegetative growth & provide maximum nutrient availability with our Growth Maintenance Solution. Naturally, stimulate soil health and increase resistance against pest and environmental factors. 
  • Quickly & safely correct deficiencies that occur when plants have varying nutritional requirements amongst cultivars or species. 
  • It provides key elements to promote soil health that cannot be added in a dry fertilizer form, or pre-built into Water Only soil. Perfect for hydroponic gardeners looking for an organic additive to use with their base nutrients. 
  • Our completely unique formulation allows gardeners to access a fully organic liquid feed, that before now hasn't been available in one, easy to use product! 

Bloom Maintenance Solution

  • Add increased levels of Phosphorous, Potassium, and Calcium that cannot be pre-built into a Water Only Soil. As the plants grow in the vegetative stage, P&K are often depleted to the point the flowering stage is drastically compromised. This demand for P&K will vary between cultivars and plant types, meaning the timing of dry amendments can be problematic. This is why we developed our 100% unique formulation to provide return driven results, often before never before experienced by organic gardeners! 
  • Formulated with an immune building, complementary suite of organic growth promoters that drive bud development and lateral growth. Greatly increases the plant's ability to biosynthesize (create from within biologically) essential oil and terpene complexes.
  • Provides plant available calcium at the most critical time of plant development. Often calcium is locked out at the flowering stage due to an increase in potassium. Our formulation avoids this problem and doesn't lead to a deficient plant during the flowering cycle.
  • It contains Triacontanol, micronized & fast-acting Guano + organic sources of potassium. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Liquid Gold

I’ve used a lot of products from drgreenthumps and all have been top notch. This liquid fertiliser isn’t any different, from the second day the difference was quite noticeable. Value for money and excellent quality of products make your life so much easier. I’m a believer

Geoff Knowell
Tried and true

Back for a second round of this liquid gold. Plants bounce back fast and problems get solved when this gets used. Saved me alot!!!!

Colin O'Riley
Awesome product and service

Great product and always great service, I have purchased many items so far from Dr Greenthumbs, very happy and impressed

Great product

Perfect addition to turbo dirt. 10/10 recommend

Grant Sweeney

Been using these products for my organic grows for a while now and never had any problems with deficiency or over doing it. I like to use a wide range of Scott's products by mixing it up by feeding in the middle of the week and end of week and plain water in between. Plants are always perked up and looking healthy as in the mornings
Highly recommend all Scott's products to anyone who wants great results.

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