Eazy Plug Rooting Cubes (12 / 24 / 77 / 104 Packs)

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Size: 6 Pack - Seed Sowing Kit
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Eazy Plug's are Dr Greenthumbs approved to root healthy, happy propagates for your garden!

A predetermined pH with buffering

By adding special components that are pH buffered, the Eazy Plug has a predetermined pH value which is retained even after adding water and/or nutrients with different pH values. This makes the pH stable and less prone to user error and easier to manage.

A predetermined value by buffering EC

During production the EC value of the plugs are set and buffered so that the EC value does not have to be built to a specific level. That level remains stable and easier to control.

Open structure so that the water / air management is always good

Too much water is almost impossible, if the trays / plugs just can drain. The Eazy Plug drains the excess water, so there is always enough air left for an optimum root environment.

Kick Start for the first 2-3 weeks

The plugs provide a great start for the first 2-3 weeks. After this period you will have to provide nutrient. The construction (buffering) of the plugs means there is no chance of over-fertilisation, which allows you to add a nutrient right from the start.

Compatibility with rockwool

The composition and structure of these plugs allows easy integration with rockwool. Root growth will continue from the plugs into the rockwool, and the water balance is maintained.

The plug will easily absorb water again

Even if the plug has completely dried out, it can be easily restored by adding water. All the original features remain intact.


The Eazy Plug consists largely of organic material and as a whole is compostable.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Mike Bellamy
      Hands down the best product to germinate seeds in

      This product right here....has been the greatest germinating product for seeds I've come across not only do they germinate faster but they seem to be more stronger then using regular soil

      Tim Redstone
      Fantastic service 5 stars

      Thank you Dr Green Thumbs, you have such amazing service. I live overseas and it is cheaper to buy your Eazy Plugs including shipping than to purchase here. I have bought the Plugs three times now and the shipping arrives in less than a week. You always message to check if everything is ok with the order .... great service. Thank you Scott and your team. Regards, Tim

      mij p
      good stuff

      Good product and good people to deal with.

      Jacob Waters
      Go to cloning puck

      Only cloning park I have found that naturally decomposes in living soil 110% recommend shits on Rockwool any day


      Perfect moisture retention for cuttings.

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