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Get your hands on this amazing show bag for free when you purchase $100 or more of any Dr Greenthumbs branded products. Simply add the show bag to your cart, and it's yours for FREE!

What's Inside:

1 x Root Roids Sample: Boost root development and promote healthy plant growth with Root Roids. This sample will give your plants the extra support they need to establish a strong root system.

1 x Fruit Roids Sample: Experience the power of Fruit Roids and watch your fruits flourish. This sample will help increase fruiting and improve the quality of your harvest.

1 x Ocean Grown Sample: Discover the benefits of Ocean Grown and see how it enhances the vitality of your plants. This sample will nourish your plants with essential minerals and trace elements.

Fliers & Product Information: Stay informed and educated with useful fliers and product information about Dr Greenthumbs' top-quality gardening solutions.

1 x Dr Greenthumbs Cotton Bag: Carry your gardening essentials in style with our exclusive Dr Greenthumbs Cotton Bag. It's not only practical but also eco-friendly.

Order $100 worth of the following products (in any combination) to unlock your free show bag!

  1. Mycorrhizal Inoculant
  2. Cactus & Succulent Soil Builder
  3. Go & Grow
  4. Bud & Bloom
  5. Neem + Karanj Oil
  6. High Tea
  7. Dr Greenthumbs TurboDirt Water Only Super Soil
  8. Chlorine & Sediment Remover
  9. Root Roids
  10. Fruit Roids
  11. Ocean Grown - Fish Hydrolysate
  12. GreenSpace Premium Potting Soil
  13. GreenSpace Liquid Fertilizer
  14. GreenSpace Slow Release Fertiliser (NPK 12:8:8)
  15. Ocean Grown - Deep Sea Sugar & Kelp
  16. Gnat Bat (Effective Soil Barrier)
  17. Mineral Based Soil
  18. High Tea
  19. Ocean Grown - Cal Mag
  20. Ocean Grown - Fish & Urchin Compost
  21. TurboDirt Water Only Soil
  22. GreenSpace Reset Leaf Conditioner
  23. GreenSpace MAB Guard Root Protection
  24. GreenSpace Reset
  25. Root Roids Granular (Mycorrhizal Inoculant)
  26. Living Soil
  27. Root Roids
  28. Insect Frass
  29. Chunky Potting Soil
  30. 4+1 Compost Blend
  31. Black Basalt Rock Dust
  32. Coco Coir Chips 7-12mm
  33. Coco Coir Chips 12-18mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amazing Products!

Everything I get from Scott is just top notch. My plants grow and thrive with ALL the potting medium I get from him. Excellent customer service, and thank you for the free sample bag too! My new fave is the Leaf Conditioner - loving the minty sent plus it's all organic and hopefully will save my expensive indoor plants from all the unwanted pests! Looking for those tiny beneficial bugs (to substitute the sprays and pesticides) if you're looking to stock up on these in the future.

Y. B.
Fantastic Products

Love all products I have bought so far from Dr Greenthumbs, big fan of the Root Roids and the liquid feeds. The results in the gardens I am installing are amazing. Nice heathy growth. Fast delivery is a bonus.

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