Diatomaceous Earth - micronised Certified Organic (Pure Silica)

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Diatomaceous earth (DE) is an all natural rock dust, that is derived from the fossilized remains of ancient freshwater diatoms. DE is known for its unique ability to improve soil & plant fertility by adding cell strengthening silica back to the soil that has been lost over millions of years due to erosion.

It works by absorbing the pests waxes and oils on their cuticle layer leading to death by dehydration. Due to diatomaceous insectacide's high silica content and extremely small particle size, it will also cause the pest to physically degrade due to the silica's shard like structure. This product is the finest grade DE product you can purchase.

For use to control slugs and fungus gnats, simply spread an even layer of diatomaceous fines across your soils surface, and at the bottom of your pot upon planting. Can be dusted on plants suffering from aphid, mealy bug, mites, fleas, ants and many more garden and household pests.

We advise you wear a mask and gloves when handling this product.

Other advantages:

  • High in silica, a mineral vital to the health and growth of plants.

  • By adding silica and encouraging the growth of advantageous microbes, it enhances the health and fertility of the soil.

  • Can be utilised to increase plant yield and general health.

  • Can be used to make nutrient-deficient soils more fertile.

  • Can aid in enhancing aeration, water retention, and soil structure.

It has the potential to be utilized as a natural pest management method because it can kill soft-bodied insects.

Please note - This product is sold by volume as the weight of this product varies from batch to batch.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jeanette Washington
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

I had researched a solution to eradicating cockroaches from my compost and I found the diatomaceous earth was the go. Then I found I could purchase it from Dr Greenthumbs as I was unable to source it locally. I ordered a couple of bags, dirt cheap & they were delivered without a problem to my door. I have deposited the product around my compost bin, and so far I haven't spotted any more giant cockroaches. I also plan to use it in my garden. I'm pretty happy with it all. Thanks Dr!


Very happy with the diatomaceous earth! Used it for a terrible fungal gnat infestation from infected potting mix I bought. 3 weeks later, there are hardly any around. Be sure to use a generous 1cm thick layer over the top layer of soil and cover the whole surface.

Also extremely impressed with the quick delivery, and hilarious email communications from the Dr Greenthumbs team. Thanks!

Hayley Roach
Love it

Great company, great product, great communication, and speedy delivery! All the good stuff from here

Gabriele Van Oosten
Quick delivery

Was delivered very quickly, very impressed. I've just started using Diatomaceous and so far so good.
Customer service is so good, follow up emails are hilarious. This will be my one stop shop for everything garden.

Megan Lyttle

Came super quick and did the job for a good price

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