Cactus & Succulent Soil Builder

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Have you been disappointed with the drainage and overall poor quality of your cactus and succulent potting mixes? It doesn’t matter how many other “off the shelf” additives you buy, it just doesn’t improve!

This is why we have produced the ultimate mineral and drainage additive on the Australian market! Consisting of over 7 aeration ingredients for perfect drainage, our soil builder pack will make sure your plants get the best head start they can!

You end up with 35L of premium succulent soil using our product. 

Simply mix your Cactus & Succulent Soil Builder kit with 25L of premium potting soil and your ready to repot your plants! We recommend using a peat based potting soil from a reputable and leading source in your local area. We pay $12-$18 locally for a peat based potting soil with zero pine chunks or unprocessed materials.

The results will astound you! Your new potting soil will never be difficult to re-wet and will hold the perfect amount of moisture for your plants! By utilizing such a wide range of horticultural aeration and mineral products, means you will need to feed your plants less because of our products amazing cation-exchange capacity. This basically means instead of nutrients and fertilizers leaching from your soil it will be recaptured and slowly released to your plants!

Customer Reviews

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Lee Dunn
Pumice and succulent builder

I was very happy with the products I purchased I have planted up my succulents and will wait to see the results. It’s a pity the postage is so much which makes it expensive but that is beyond your control and it does weigh a lot. I will definitely buy again .

Stuart Ball
Thank you.

After using your grit mix for my taproot cacti, I thought I’d give this a go for some other cacti needing a pot up. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens this growing season. Thank you.

Jerod Pritchard
Great mix

Awesome variety of stones course to fine to be mixed. I was impressed with the variety of the mix, I honestly didn’t expect the quality I received. Awesome product, awesome shop. Will buy again.

Matthew Tully

Really good mixture

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